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Add GIFs to your email signature – to stand out and grab eveyone’s attention!

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Easily use GIFs in your email signature – you can add your Logo, IM & Social profiles. You can also enrich your email signature with calls-to-action buttons, banners, and other email apps to grow your business with every email you send.

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Adding GIFs to your email signature 101

How do you add a GIF to your Gmail signature?

There are two main ways to do it – for both be sure to use an email signature maker that supports GIFs. Then, you can generate the gif on your computer or on sites such as Giphy and upload it; Or, use the signature maker’s own GIF generator when applicable. Once your done, you can easily add it to your Gmail using Chrome extensions – no coding needed.

How do you set up a signature in Outlook?

This is not possible at the moment. Be sure to email MicroSoft and ask them to add this feature!

How do you make an email footer with a GIF?

WiseStamp allows you to create an effective email footer with GIFs
Use the WiseStamp email signature maker to create an email footer
Include your contact details
Upload or create a GIF to grab the attention of your email recipients
Use Email Apps to make it dynamic and engaging
Once you are finished, click the “OK, I’m Done” icon
WiseStamp will be automatically installed and added to your emails

Recommend Email Signature GIF Dimensions

We recommend a 90X90 pixels for sqaure shaped GIFs – a good email signature maker should allow you to turn that into round shape, and tweak the size of this visual image within the signature.

How To Create Your WiseStamp Signature?

Sign up Using Gmail, Facebook or your Email.
Fill In your Signature details.
Click OK, I’m done.
Choose Your Email Client & Continue.
Add The WiseStamp Chrome Extension.
Done. Your signature has been automatically updated.