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In the past years, finding a high- quality photo free of charge was relatively difficult to come by. The available options were quite limited and somewhat narrow ended, as well as from a quality stance point. Nowadays finding a free of charge high-quality photo is much easier to come due to the growth and demands of the online world. However, if you would like to compare different photo stock platforms and rankings you can check out this article from 2019.

The evolutionary growth of photo stock platforms has unleashed. As we approach the 21st century there are many upgraded, new, and creative quality photos. In this article, you will experience some of the most useful photo stock websites that you can use for all business purposes.

Before getting started, let me remind you of the basic pointers that you should look out for when using different photo stock websites. I know it may seem obvious however it’s extremely important to verify the platform’s license declaration.

  • Public Domain images – This means that there is no ownership of the image, it’s a form of an open/free use. It will ensure that you can easily modify, edit, copy, and distribute stock photos that can also be for commercial use.

Let’s get started!!

1. Pexels

Pexels is one of the top photo-sharing platforms out there not only because it’s a large selection of visuals, everyone is allowed to upload images, which then gets reviewed by gatekeepers who choose the most popular and searchable collections. It also provides images that are directly suitable for displaying interface mockups.

Pexels homepage

Forget that most of the photos are full of creativity and authentic, Pexels is also one of the few websites that provide free space images, which look spectacular. Some of the images are from NASA, so no doubt of quality. You can browse images by themes, including locations, emotions, and pastimes, as well as search for a specific image.

Ideal for: General use and business use

2. StockSnap

Stock.snap.oi home page

Stocksnap provides users with extremely high-quality photos that can not be found on any other platform. It can take hours and hours to find the most suitable photo but it is highly recommended to take the time to sort through photos. All photos are royalty-free images and if you take your time we can guarantee you will find that hand-picked masterpiece you have been looking for.

collage of photos from Stocksnap

Similar to most photo stock platforms, StockSnap has a good number of search options. Users can search for visuals with a certain keyword and or popular searching trend, in addition, you can also search by dated photographs. StockSnap uses a very cleaver filtering method by organizing images by date, analyzing which images are trending, and identifying the number of downloads or views. According to the results, they will adjust their placement accordingly.

Ideal for: B2C, media sales, consumer technology.

3. FoodiesFeed

If you are in the food industry, Foodiesfeed would be a great alternative if you can’t take your own food photos. This website is dedicated to food photographers from all over the world who share their visual content under a creative commons zero to reach their sustainable goal to have an online spaced dedicated to all different kinds of food. You can browse the website or filter your image search by providing a keyword.

Ideal For: food-related online advertising

FoodiesFeed homepage

4. Gratisograph

Gratisography is probably one of the most captivating and creative free photo stock site out there. This is not your ordinary photo choosing site, according to the site creator states that

“To become a Gratisography image, a picture must bring something unique to the table. Of course, it has to be perfectly composed, with the right amount of light and exposure, sharp focus on the central subject. But that’s just the beginning.”

Ryan Mcguire

Gratisography offers high-resolution photos as well as royalty-free, similar to others all photos are categorized and organized by themes. For example business, nature, sports and more.

Ideal for: Media and advertising sales, entertainment, and consumer technology decks.

Gratisography homepage

5. Free Images

Free images homepage
Collage of different photos on free photos

6. Kaboompics

Kaboompics offers a big selection of free of charge high-resolution photos that can be used for both commercial and personal use. You will find aesthetically pleasing images that make the cut, there are a lot of color oriented collages and albums that can be useful for advertisement purposes.

Ideal for: Media & consumer technology

kaboompics search
kaboompics search

To end things

These are the top free photo-sharing websites that you can use for your small business. Note that a beautiful and vibrant image has the power to captivate your audience, competitors, and or any other person in between. With your photos, you can bring your brand to life and voice your opinion. Most importantly don’t underestimate the strength of your graphics.

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