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How to Give Your Customers a Creative “Thanks!” this Season?

We’re thick in the middle of Holiday Season. Now is the time to show your clients, partners, and professional contacts that you appreciate your relationships and are thinking of them.

People are overwhelmed this time of year with cards, gifts, and well wishes. So, it’s important to make yours really connect with your contacts and have meaning.

Just before Thanksgiving, we offered our users a 50% discount on a premium WiseStamp account for the year. It was our way of saying we’re thankful for having them as users and want to grow our relationship.

You can do the same. Here are three tips on how to thank your customers this Holiday Season.

  1. Send handwritten cards

For those clients and partners who you value most, take the time to send a personalized card. Often times during the holidays, businesses choose one template with a generic message and mail them out en masse. That won’t make an impression. They key to a meaningful holiday card is personalization.

  1. Create a memorable e-card

In a recent MailChimp survey, 100% of users said they planned to use email marketing to promote or increase their holiday sales in 2014.

You can stand out from the crowd but not promoting your business. Send a holiday email that simply wishes your customers a happy, healthy holiday. Create a clever, thoughtful  e-card that reflects your brand with services like Card Karma or JibJab (you can have fun with it!).

  1. Give them a perk for 2015

Show that you care about furthering your relationship in the New Year by offering a perk. When designing the perk, be aware of two key things: 1) It must be of value to your customer, and 2) It must be supplemental to your main message, which should be focused on holiday cheer and well wishes. As we mention earlier, your goal is not to simply promote yourself; it’s to make a connection. Thus, when you offer the perk, make sure it’s in the context of how you value the customer; not how they can snag your latest deal.

For more great tips on creative ways to thank your clients this holiday season, check out this blog post by Chris Barnes at


Over to you:

What has been one of the best ways you’ve thanked your clients or professional partners?


Image by Jon Ashcroft

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