Updated April 9, 2018

At WiseStamp we pride ourselves on helping you grow your business. Examples of mail signatures are a key component in the way you are perceived professionally.  However, after viewing thousands of signatures, we were surprised to learn that many professionals fail to follow some basic design principles. In this post, we decided to share three fundamental design principles that will help you achieve your business goals with a powerful email signature.

Create a powerful email signature now

1. Keep it simple

The basic professional desire to differentiate yourself from the crowd may sometimes bring you to include as many details about yourself as possible. Don’t make that mistake. By inserting too many details into your email signature, you risk making it look clunky and unprofessional – the opposite effect of what you are in fact trying to achieve. As the famous phrase goes, “less is more”. That same rule applies here. Keep it simple: remain focused and include only the most vital information about what you do. If you’re active on social media, that’s great; but in your signature, put only the ones you are most active on. Your limit should be five social media email apps; any more will look too heavy and unprofessional. Email signature example

2. Colors and pictures

If you have a logo or a graphic avatar, pay special attention to the colors and pictures you choose for your email signature.  The color you choose for your Outlook email signature should be similar to or match your logo, here is an example that uses this principle: email signature colors and logo

As for your picture, we recommend that you use a high-quality photo that contrasts between the background and yourself:

Picture for your email signature

3. Make Yourself Memorable – in a good way

The look and feel of your email signature depend a lot on your profession and industry. There will be a significant difference in the look of an email signature that belongs to a lawyer or accountant (it will be more conservative) as opposed to an artist, designer or photographer (who can allow themselves more leeway). Professional email signature samples When creating your email signature, it’s essential to take your professional needs into account. Here at  WiseStamp we created email signatures with you in mind. We hope you follow these simple design principles that will help you achieve that professional look that will open doors and help you build your business. Over to you. What makes your signature design stand out? Share your tips in the comments below!

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