I’m a heavy duty Chrome user. As an entrepreneur and marketer my day to day work relys on many tools and services that simply help me get things done. I’m a big fan of chrome profiles and typically use 2-3 dedicated profiles to run my daily personal and marketing tasks. The list below is my selection and combination of the chrome extensions that I actually use every day; my recommended Chrome work environment. I can’t imagine getting things done without those tools and therefore am happy to share and recommend them to you. enjoy!  


  • Streak for Gmail – Steak turns your Gmail into your personal CRM, making it one of the most productive Chrome apps around
  • Rapportive –  Get all the information you need about your email contacts directly from their LinkedIn to save you time and become a better networker

Currently disabled on my chrome, but worth checking:



  • Hangouts – Super easy to use Chrome extension for Google Hangouts
  • World Time Buddy – Work with service providers and other entrepreneurs from around the world without bothering them during their lunch break



Sharing & Social

  • Buffer – The wonderful Buffer, making social sharing simple
  • Pin It Button – Official Chrome app for sharing to Pinterest
  • Share As Image Extension – One of my current favorites, and a productivity must have: design amazing social media images and share in seconds
  • Save to Pocket – A simple Chrome app for saving directly to Pocket
  • feedly – Connects you directly to Feedly for easy access


Stats & performance

  • Social Analytics – Shows you social media interactions on the page you are on


And finally, to relax….

  • Google Cast – Find and play content for Google Cast in your Chrome browser
  • Hola Better Internet – Access websites from around the world with this great Chrome app
  • Streamus – Stream music directly from Chrome

This list was generated by Share Extensions Over to you! Am I missing on some good stuff? Please let me know in the comments below