Pinterest Tips to Increase Traffic

There was a time I didn’t think Pinterest had much to offer an online business owner like me. I don’t blog recipes or DIY ideas. I don’t sell clothing or jewelry.

But, when someone finally convinced me to put in the effort, I was astonished at the results and how quickly they came.

Even better news – Pinterest can be a really low maintenance platform. There isn’t a lot of interaction and it doesn’t offer different tools to experiment with.

You will likely spend most of your time (when you’re not creating images) on the initial setup and developing your process for success.

Here are five tips that will help you get the most value out of Pinterest: 

1. Optimize Your Images

The key to getting great results from Pinterest is in the image, which should be tall, clear, colorful and descriptive.

Optimize Pinterest Images

I use BeFunky for creating my images, but Picmonkey and Canva are great user-friendly, inexpensive options as well.

If you aren’t comfortable taking your own photos, you can source inexpensive, high-quality images on sites like Creative Market or Pixabay.

One thing that will save you a lot of time is creating a template. That may simply mean a particular style of photo, color scheme and font choice. It sounds simple, but the more choices we eliminate upfront, the more time we can save in the long run. An image template will also help your followers recognize your Pins when they pop into their Smartfeed.

2. Optimize Your Account

You should take the time to make sure you have Rich Pins enabled for your site. If you are using an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO, this is usually simply a matter of clicking a box that says “Social Meta” or “Facebook Meta Data.” (Even though it’s Pinterest, it pulls the same meta data as Facebook and this was what it was called in Yoast SEO last time I checked.)

Rich Pins

You should also change your account over to a Business profile if you are currently set up as a personal user (it’s free). This will give you access to additional features, analytics and Promoted Pins.

3. Join Some Group Boards

Active Group Boards can greatly increase your Pinterest reach. The most successful Boards have a particular focus and high-quality Pinners. My personal experience has been that “catch all” Boards lose their effectiveness over time. Seek out Boards specific to your topics.

Where to find these awesome Collaborative (aka Group) Boards to join? Pingroupie is an amazing resource, and it’s free. Look for those boards generating Repins and Likes.

Contact the board owner through instructions on the Board description, or message them through their site or Pinterest.

And always follow the rules. Most Board owners have Pin limits in place to prevent spamming.

PInterest Group Board

4. Use a Scheduling Tool

When it comes to consistent Pinning, I couldn’t be without a great scheduling tool. Boardbooster and Tailwind are two popular options. I use my Pin scheduler in two ways:

Drip CampaignsScreenshot of BoardBooster Drip Campaign – I have Campaigns set up for each of the main topics I blog about (work at home, blogging, personal finance). Each of these Campaigns is set up to Pin my new or updated posts to each of the Group Boards I belong to over the period of several weeks.

Rather than dropping my latest blog post over 25 boards at once, or having to login every day to pin it manually, my Campaigns “drip” my latest posts out over a period of time. I push not only new posts through my Campaigns but also any popular posts I update.

Looping – I have a couple of really popular personal boards that I like to keep active as well. In addition to pinning my latest posts there, I also spend 30 minutes or so per month searching for relevant and popular pins of others to be sent out throughout the month.

To find awesome Pins of others, I just do a search on Pinterest. They will send you back the top results for your keyword. I only have my Scheduler setup to Pin to my top personal boards two to five times per day, so it doesn’t take me long to get my queue full for the month.

Between my Scheduler and Campaigns, I only have around 10 to 20 Pins going out per day in addition to anything I manually Pin myself. This is well within a safe limit to avoid tripping any Pinterest spam filters.

Even with this number, I have seen some amazing results.

5. Get a Head Start on Repins

Get RepinsYour Pins may not show up immediately in the Smartfeed of your Followers. It’s for certain going to take at least a few days before they make it to Pinterest’s “Picked for You” selection.

Use this time to get a head start on Repins. Facebook Group or tribe “share threads” are a great way to do this.

I’m not a fan of groups that require you to share everything from everyone unless it is a very exclusive group of similar bloggers hand-picked by you. You aren’t doing anyone, including yourself, any favors by Pinning off-topic or low-quality material. Be selective in your Pinning and the groups you join.

Once you have put in the initial work, you will find Pinterest isn’t as labor-intensive as you once thought. And it can bring awesome traffic.

How do you use Pinterest? Please share your valuable tips in the comments.