6 NaNoWriMo Daily Moments Every Writer Can Relate To (so short you can read on your break)


NaNoWriMo isn’t a piece of cake. Nor was it meant to be. It’s a serious endeavour for serious writers. Here are the emotional swings you’ll feel during your day. But keep slogging. We’re rooting for you.  

1. Sure, the morning starts of like this

#NaNoWriMo is here! pic.twitter.com/mUNjOoBOnY

— Writer’s Relief (@WritersRelief) November 3, 2015

2. And then like this 

This month’s motto. #NaNoWriMo pic.twitter.com/R4WRDjDxQQ

— Kristen A. Kieffer (@ShesNovel) November 2, 2015

3. And then things will slow down and you’ll need to keep your eye on your goal to boldly reach those those goals


Keep boldly going towards your #NaNoWriMo goals! This is @elaynamae signing off! As always, #LiveLongAndProsper! pic.twitter.com/YIv2Az9BVA — NaNoWordSprints (@NaNoWordSprints) November 3, 2015

4. The madness will set in

Ok its 10:15 pm.. Let’s do some damage until 11 pm #NaNoWriMo2015 #nanowordsprints pic.twitter.com/yy56dWpfQa — Krystal Summerhill (@theGreatGherkin) November 5, 2015

5. And you will realize that you’re not alone

AND GO! Write for 20 minutes, and remember, no story is too crazy for #NaNoWriMo! We’re all mad here. pic.twitter.com/l8AMdbKZgX

— NaNoWordSprints (@NaNoWordSprints) November 1, 2015

6. But you will meet your goal. And when you do this maybe how you’ll feel


When you finally reach your #NaNoWriMo word count for the day… pic.twitter.com/r50GpFHijj — Kristen A. Kieffer (@ShesNovel) November 3, 2015

But. Don’t be discouraged. NaNoWriMo may be a tough slog but you can do it! So get back to work and let us know – how’s your NaNoWriMo day going?

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