Unlike other teams who might be situated next to each other in the office, real estate teams tend to be working as much out of the office as in it, and they might even be working from different locations, even during “office time.” Real Estate teams need online tools to help them communicate efficiently when working remotely, and help them better and more effectively promote their listings.

Here are
the 7 tools we recommend to help your real estate team go from good to awesome.

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For sharing information and team collaboration You can’t beat Google for Work when it comes to a team system that is designed for collaboration and communication. With Google for Work teams can work collaboratively on both administrative and marketing docs, reducing unnecessary internal email communication and saving time and effort. With Google for Work real estate teams can also collaborate with their calendars, maximising viewing time and saving agents from embarrassing time mix ups.

For signing documents Real Estate agents are notorious for spending unnecessary amounts of time on writing, sending and signing documents and contracts. Add in the travel time to deliver those documents, and you are looking at a huge drain on real estate team time and resources. DocuSign helps save your team precious time by sending documentation to be send virtually. It also makes it easier to track all documents in one place. DocuSign offers specific plans for real estate teams.

For managing social media Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are wonderful tools for promoting your listings and building your brand reputation, but constantly being online and social can be a drain on your company resources. Buffer is a fantastic tool for scheduling your blog posts and listings, and promoting relevant local news to your community. Oktopost is another scheduling tool that works especially nicely with LinkedIn groups, promoting your content and helping you understand which LinkedIn groups and Twitter and Facebook posts are most useful for your needs.

For email marketing Building up your mailing list to promote your listings and share company news is vital for any successful real estate company. MailChimp helps you to easily build attractive and successful email marketing campaigns, and provides you with a ton of feedback and analytics on everything from your click through rate to the success of your email title.  

For professional team email signatures Using WiseStamp signature manager you can brand all your team email communication, and promote your most important listings, your blog or your social media, all via your team email signature. Real Estate teams send out hundreds of emails a week, so it is important to brand the “prime real estate” at the bottom of your emails with your professional logo and information.

For sharing listings Pictures of properties, however nicely they are taken just don’t have the wow factor to stand out from all the other online property listings. Using YouTube to create meaningful videos of the properties you are selling or letting allows your clients to get a better feel for your properties, and connect emotionally to them. You can also create an online presentation for important properties or for all the properties in a specific area using SlideShare. This is a visually aesthetic way to really get to know a property through high quality images and lots of additional information in an easy to digest format, with the added bonus of having high SEO value.

For increasing team productivity Idonethis is a fantastically simple tool which encourages team members to update each other on their daily tasks, and then sends a summary round to the whole team. It works well in all team situations, but is particularly important for teams working part or full time remotely, as it helps everybody stay on the same page. Idonethis offers a one month free trial so you can decide if it is right for you.

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Which real estate tools did we miss out? Let us know!