3 comments on “The 7 tools every tech-savvy real estate team needs in 2017

  • Great list. I’d like to add ProofHub in your list. ProofHub is a web based project management and collaboration software that helps you manage, schedule, discuss, work and communicate with your clients and team members.

  • With the help of Real Estate Tools you will stand chance of enjoying profitable investment into real estate market. You will be able to get information you need about the property you want to invest into. Also you will be able to gain access to database in the real estate market you want to invest making your investment easy and profitable.

  • Real Estate company will have to handle multiple projects at a time, and also huge data of customers and agents. With the help of project management tool like IndyDesk, it becomes easy for them to manage their projects from there only.
    – As you can separately create your projects and manage them with a single tool
    – Assigning work to team members from there.
    – Get customizable reports for better conversions and future decisions.

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