A Message From Orly, WiseStamp CEO, About an Incredible Free Opportunity


It’s Orly, from WiseStamp.  

I am super excited to announce that WiseStamp has partnered with HubSpot to offer our users 2 amazing free, live webinars and a free product that will help you get more customers and sell more. 

The Back Story  

After corresponding with many of you after my last post, one thing became crystal clear: the biggest challenge you face is how to attract more customers to your business and sell more.

So we turned to the experts.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce WiseStamp’s Partnership with HubSpot!  

HubSpot is the world’s leader in helping small businesses increase their sales. Seriously, these guys know their stuff.

Together, we’re offering WiseStamp users an amazing opportunity to learn how to attract more customers, with an incredible solution to manage your customer interactions smartly and efficiently to increase sales. The best part is that’s it all totally free.

2 Free, Live Webinars by HubSpot’s top sales executives

We’ve worked with HubSpot to offer 2 webinars, presented by two of their top executives. Just choose the one that’s right for you (or sign up for both!), but register ASAP cause space is limited:

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Plus a special bonus: Get HubSpot CRM free & start closing more sales

Getting customers to come to you is just the first step. Once they’ve arrived you have to keep track of them. HubSpot’s customer relationship manager (CRM) is the easiest and most effective way to manage and track interactions with your customers, ultimately helping you to sell more.

“We grew our sales by 400% in just one year using HubSpot’s CRM” – Parlor Skis

And HubSpot offers this amazing tool for free – so sign up to start closing more deals.

Sign Up to HubSpot CRM – Free!

Again, we loved hearing your feedback after my last post, and we’d love to hear more – what features you need, what you would change, etc. Drop us a line at support@wisestamp.com.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for more exciting news, coming soon!


    Written by Orly Itzhaki
    Orly is the founder and CEO of WiseStamp, an email signature platform that helps hundreds of thousands of users look professional, promote their businesses, and market themselves with every email interaction they have. She has over 12 years experience building products, implementing marketing strategies and founding successful startups based on lean marketing concepts. Previous companies co-founded by Orly include Tagadam, Qwiko and Taor Productions.

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