emails, emails, emails… We all get so many of them, how do you make sure yours are the ones that stands out? mmm…. make them smile or laugh! Here are some of our personal favorites on how to make your signature and email more colorful and interesting. Let other WiseStampers benefit from your creativity – share your own ideas in the comments!  

  1. $#*! My Dad Says – if you never heard of Justin and his Dad, it’s time to get a lesson in perspective you’ll never forget!
      • How? add the twitter app. Username: shitmydadsays

  1. Quotes Daddy – our popular Quotes email app will randomize a funny quote for you
    • How? add the Quotes app. Choose ‘Funny’in the dropdown.
  2. Ze Frank – With maybe the funniest Ted lecture ever, Ze is a constant twitterer that rocks.
    • How? add the twitter app. Username: zefrank
  3. Urban Dictionary – NSFW alert. Adding this WILL get recipients blushing. We take no responsibility for using this idea!!
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  4. Stephen Colbert – the mainstream alternative. we guess it’s a matter of taste, but 3M people do like him, so…
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