Are You Losing Money

On average, your employees probably send over 37 emails a day.

Multiply that by the number of employees in your company, and you get the number of impressions your company’s email  signatures make daily.

email impression calculator

(Calculate your company’s total here.)

With such a high number of impressions, you really have to be sure that you’re not losing money and missing out on opportunities each time an employee sends an email.

There are a few ways email can cause your company to lose money, but email signatures that don’t work up to their full potential are the biggest culprit.

Make sure your company is using a professional email signature (created with a tool like WiseStamp for Business) that generates more leads for your business and increases your sales.

Here are 4 reasons your company’s uniform, professional signatures can work in your favor and bring money to your business.

1. An Effective Signature Drives Traffic to Your Site and Social Media

A professional email signature transforms your email signature into a reader-magnet, and the added level of professionalism and respectability provided by a strong signature draws people in.

Look at these examples and how easy (and tempting) these signatures make it for your email recipients to learn more about you and connect through social media:

sample signature, drive sales

2. An Effective Signature Includes Calls-to-Action

A signature that links to your website and social media profiles is useful, but you have to make your email recipients want to click on the links that will tell them more about you and what your company offers.

Adding an intriguing call to action to your signature, such as a sale, event, or promotion is a great way to get people to interact with your signature.

A call to action in your signature:

  • gets your event / webinar / promotion / job listing seen by all of your email recipients
  • increases your professionalism
  • encourages people to explore your website, etc

For example:

signature, call to action

See how easy these signatures make it to sign up for your webinars and events and even apply for positions with your company?

3. An Effective Signature Provides Free Marketing

Every email sent from your company is an opportunity to market your brand.

If you are not using this opportunity, you are missing out on potential lead generation and future sales.

signature - sale promotion banner

sample sig - real estate agent

4. An Effective Signature Saves You Time

Email eats up an unbelievable chunk of valuable work time.

According to one survey, employees spend about 6.3 hours a day checking and sending email.

If every employee’s signature is centrally managed from an easy to use dashboard, you’ll save time and money by:

  • not suffering through “individual” email signatures that could cause problems for your business or damage your reputation
  • not having to send irrelevant information to employees and asking them to update their signatures

Your employees will save time by:

  • not having to update their signatures every time your company has a sale or promotion
  • not having to find out which information needs to be included in their signatures

In fact, their own signatures can help employees stay up to date with company news

The Moral

There may be rumors, but email is not dying.

It is predicted that by 2018, employees will be sending 43 emails every day.

This means that the importance of your company’s signature will continue to increase.

A tool like WiseStamp for Business makes providing your employees professional signatures simple and quick.

Learn more about how WiseStamp for Business can help you earn money every time your employees send an email.

How do you manage your company’s signatures? Tell us about your experiences and share your tips in the comments.

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Written by Melissa Fragiadaki
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