Best Gmail Extensions

Whether you call them Gmail extensions, plugins or add-ons, it can be difficult to determine if you’re using the best of the best of them for Gmail. But since we see so many of them next to our Gmail signature extension, we’ve done the hard work for you, surveying 18 articles and boiling them down to create a list of the best Gmail extensions everybody should be using.

Here are some fun facts extracted from the 18 articles we surveyed:

85: The total number of Gmail extensions mentioned in the 18 articles we surveyed

214: Average number of Facebook shares

159: Average of LinkedIn shares

90: Average of Google+ shares

32: Average of Pinterest shares

10: Average of comments per post


The best of the best Gmail extensions

And here’s the list (drumroll, please), of the best of the best Gmail extensions according to their popularity. (Note: we excluded extensions that were only mentioned once.)  

  1. WiseStamp – with 16 mentions, WiseStamp is recommended over and over and even termed the “kick-ass email signature” by DIY Genius
  2. Rapportive – with 13 mentions, Rapportive is the intuitive way to build a better rapport with your email contacts
  3. Boomerang – with 12 mentions, Boomerang is the killer app that lets you send your email now and have it received later (you choose when), get an email re-sent to your inbox when it becomes more relevant, and notifies you if you sent an email that didn’t receive a response.
  4., Checker Plus  – with 8 mentions (tie)
  5. Send from Gmail, Gmail Offline – with 6 mentions (tie)
  6. ToDoIst, mxHero, KeyRocket, Gmelius – with 5 mentions (tie)
  7. CloudMagic, Cloudy, ActiveInbox – with 4 mentions (tie)
  8. Find Big Mail,, – with 3 mentions (tie)
  9. Streak, Hubspot Sales, Away Find, FollowUpThen, BatchedInbox, Enhancements for Gmail, Honey, Bananatag, Secure Mail, iFramely, Full Contact  – with two mentions (tie)

And here’s the list of the 18 articles we surveyed, starting with the most popular:

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What are your best of the best Gmail extensions that you just can’t do without?