This is a guest post about personal branding by Per Schmitz, founder of Doo.Id The internet has brought important social and cultural changes. While a decade ago personal branding seemed to be reserved to people like pop singers, football players and movie stars, nowadays it has turned into an important task for (almost) everyone.

Market yourself

No matter if you’re looking for business opportunities or searching for a new job, marketing yourself accurately on the web will increase your chances a lot.

Personal landing page

A stand-out way to tell people something more about you is to link to a simple, yet compelling personal landing page. DooID Personal Landing pages A personal landing page tells people about your professional focus and personal interests, links to your webpages and social networks, contains on- and offline contact data and ideally offers a v-card download of those contact data. The landing page should display your personality and show people who you are and what you’re up to.

 In case you don’t dispose of time or skills to code one yourself, you can easily build it using a service like , which helps to set up a nice personal landing page in a matter of minutes.


Your Email signature

A good start to promoting your online identity is setting up an effective and unique email signature with WiseStamp. Include your contact information, social media profiles and important links, and make it visually more appealing by adding a personal image or including one of WiseStamp’s cool Email Apps that gives a better taste of who you are. Email signatures are an excellent first step when it comes to building your personal brand online, as they contain all your basic information, wrapped up into just a few pixels of space. Now that you caught people’s attention with the help of your email signature, it’s time to deepen the impression they just got from you. Dooid Personal Landig page Email Signature

A Wining combination:

DooID has recently been added to WiseStamp’s list of supported services, setting up your personal landing page and adding your DooID page to your Email Signature is now only a few clicks away.


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