Today’s growing businesses should understand the importance of video content as an essential part of their online marketing strategy. Promoting a business through various channels is an expert task, which requires thorough research, proper implementation, and scrutiny to obtain the best possible results.

In a typical business in any industry, marketing and promotions go hand in hand. Marketing includes different aspects such as branding, advertising, and selling the products and services to the customers. Promotion is the unique element which helps you to share the benefits of your goods or services to the potential consumers. A well-designed and properly executed promotional strategy can ensure long-term success by bringing in more customers and generating a high return on investment.

Online marketing and promotions

Online marketing and promotions

With the widespread use of the internet and electronic media, various new promotional strategies have also evolved from time to time to support marketers in increasing the brand awareness and acceptance.

The objectives of any online promotion campaign are:

  • To increase the brand awareness
  • Provide customers with adequate information
  • Bring in more traffic to the business website
  • Generate more sales and profit.

From email campaigns to social media promotions and video marketing, online marketing strategies now help businesses to garner the attention of potential customers from across the globe. You may have heard a lot about email marketing and social media marketing. So, here let’s discuss video marketing, the comparatively new and highly relevant method of online marketing.

Video marketing
Video marketing

Video marketing, now considered as the future of content marketing, offers a much easier and pleasant customer interaction. The world is getting more and more fast paced day by day, and video marketing is one among the very few modes of sharing information by offering the relevance, value, and flexibility to the users by meeting their on-the-go needs. Here are a few statistical proofs for the importance of video marketing in the changing digital marketing scenario as per a HubSpot research:

  • By the year 2019, videos may claim about 80% of the entire web traffic.
  • Landing page videos tend to increase conversions by 80%.
  • Adding a customized video in the marketing emails can enhance the click-through rates to about 300%.
  • A consumer survey shows that 90% of the customers rely on product videos to make purchasing decisions.
  • As per YouTube reports, video consumption over mobile phones shows a steady growth of 100% each year.
  • Above 35% of ad spending online is on videos now.

As video marketing is proving to be the future, let’s have a quick overview of some smart tips that marketers need to succeed.

Successful video marketing tips

Remember that making content go viral is not the primary objective of a video marketing campaign. You need to be knowledgeable and resourceful to devise the best plans for winning video marketing campaigns.

1. Do something different. Tell a story

Sales pitch, at the first point, started annoying the customers to take them instantly away from the objective. Do not simply make your video a sales presentation, but try to center it around an interesting story. You may have applied the same strategy in content marketing also by focusing more on what interests the users instead of telling them about what you actually want to sell.

Keep the target customers in mind, and carry out an intensive research to identify what their changing needs are. With the surge of media and social connectivity, people want easy access and instant solutions for everything and you need to provide the same through your video stories. While you Make Web Video, you need to serve this purpose at best to ensure acceptance.

2. 10 seconds to succeed

A study had shown that about half of the online viewers simply click away from a video within the first 10 seconds if they find the content unimpressive. As per expert advice from the most successful video makers, you need to get to the grit and build an expectation in the first 5 to 10 seconds to hold back a viewer onto your video.

A video-maker should try to spark the curiosity of the audience by posing some questions to hook their attention. The beginning of the video should straightly convey the message of why they should watch it. Be it for entertainment or sharing valuable information, the video should serve a purpose.

3. Don’t simply post. Optimize!

Millions of videos are posted on the video sharing sites every day. So, you need to make use of all possible tactics to ensure that your video is reaching to the desired viewers. Make sure that you hit the search results by using appropriate tags.

Try to host your videos on your own domain, which is an ideal way to bring in traffic to the desired destination. It is also essential to know how to create appropriate video sitemaps. Descriptions are also important when it comes to SEO of videos. Relevant descriptions will allow the Google crawlers to make sense of your content and display it appropriately. Do research to find the most relevant keywords and make sure that your videos are properly tagged and fully described.

4. The art of using visual learning

You need to know that more than 70% of your target audience in any possible group is visual learners. So, you can use videos as the most powerful mode of educating your audience. Video marketing can be effectively used to inform users in many forms. You can simply create a video to teach the customer how to use your product, or you can give some useful tips on how to make the most out of a service you offer.

Many businesses create webinars to showcase their industry knowledge and place their brand as a thought leader in the domain by adding value to their users’ daily lives.

It may not be an overhead to hire an expert video marketing team to develop a sustainable and winning campaign for you if you want to stay ahead in the tight competition. However, among the various service providers offering online marketing solutions, you need to be very studious and cautious to identify the best service provider for your purpose.