Creating a perfect team email signature for Google Apps

What are email signatures?

An email signature is the signature block at the end of every email. An email signature is used to give standardized information about the person sending the email. A standard email signature contains the name and title of the person sending the email, as well as their contact details. An email signature is also a great opportunity to carry across corporate branding into email communication, by including your company logo, and messaging that reflects your business.

How do I create a standardized email signature?

To create your email signature in Gmail, click on the gear icon at the top of your inbox, then select “settings” from the options. Scroll down to the “signature” option and you can design your company email signature. If you are looking to create an email signature for your whole team in Google Apps for Work then you will find it easier to use a third party app like WiseStamp for Business. Creating a team email signature takes less than a minute to do, and means that you can standardize your branding across all your team email signatures.

Why should I create a standardized email signature for my organization?

Creating a standardized email signature across your organization or team shows continuity in your branding across all your email communication. It shows that your organization is united and works as one well-oiled machine. It also shows that your team or organization care about your professional image. A standardized team signature demonstrates to everyone who has multiple touch points within your company that they are dealing with people who are detail orientated. This matters just as much for smaller businesses and startups as it does for large corporations.

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What should I include in my team email signature?

We recommend including:

We recommend using your company colors and branding in your email signatures to show continuity between your website, your emails and other marketing material you might have.

Is a team email signature worth the effort?

Yes. A unified email signature makes it as easy as possible for people to reach your team via the correct communication channels.  A team email signature also demonstrates the professionalism of your company, and your attention to detail as you carry your branding through every email you send. Finally, a team email signature can be a great marketing tool. You can promote your blog or website updates via all your team email signatures, promoting what is most important to you and bringing in relevant traffic to your website.

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