Optimize your email signature by avoiding these 5 common mistakes

  1. Misusing fonts
  2. Forgetting links
  3. Forgetting an image
  4. Misusing color
  5. Having typos

We’re all in the habit of blasting out tons of email a day. But before you hit “send” on the next one, stop and think for a moment: Are you making some common mistakes with your email signature?

Let’s start by saying the biggest mistake you can make is to not use an email signature. If you don’t have one, you can easily set it up in minutes and for free with an email signature generator.

A professional email signature can do amazing things for your business such as boost sales conversion and customer engagement. But, in order to see results, you need to make sure to avoid these common email signature mistakes.

Here are the most important DON’Ts when it comes to your email signature.

1. Don’t misuse fonts

Your email signature font needs to be professional and easy to read. It also needs to be consistent; don’t mix different font types. Our WiseStamp templates let you choose from three ideal fonts: Verdana, Courier and Georgia.

Font size is also important. We recommend using two different font sizes in order to establish a hierarchy of information. For example, your name should appear in a larger font than your contact details. Not sure which size to use? Our templates make it easy for you to scale your font to the perfect size.

 messy signature

good signature

2. Don’t forget to add links

Make your signature clickable! Drive traffic to your website by linking it within your signature. You should also hyperlink your email address within your email signature. Why? If your email gets forwarded to a new contact, this recipient can easily email you within a click instead of copying and pasting your address. Our data shows it’s a small convenience that makes a big difference.  

 bad links

good links

3. Don’t forget to add an image

Images are essential; email signatures with an image get 32% more clicks than those without. Choose a photo that best represents your business, whether it’s a logo image, headshot or product shot. The WiseStamp editor helps you easily add and format your email signature photo.

Also, do not make the mistake of turning your entire email signature into an image file. Not only does this make your signature impossible to click (a common mistake we list above); but even worse, some email providers will block the image from displaying. It’s a BIG “don’t!”


no imagewith image

4. Don’t get crazy with colors

Color is a great way to draw attention and convey certain emotions. But don’t overdo it with your color scheme; limit it to one “highlight” color (that draws attention to your business) and black text only for the remaining information. WiseStamp lets you customize color so you can get an exact match with your brand color.  

Group 2

 Group 2 1

5. Don’t make typos

Sure, this might sound obvious. But sometimes it’s easy to overlook the most essential details. While it’s great to focus on adding links, a photo, color and other visual elements to your email signature, don’t forget to triple check all of the text-based info. Your name, title and contact details must appear flawless.

Group 4 1Group 4.1

Now that we’ve covered these common mistakes, it’s time to take a good, hard look at your email signature. Are you guilty of committing any of these email signature “don’ts?”  Regardless, there is always room for improvement! That’s why we at WiseStamp continue to improve features so that our users can have the best, most effective experience. To get started with a free Wisestamp email signature, click here.


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