Version 1.3.3

This version includes some improvements as well as Mozilla editors’ remarks fixes to WiseStamp 1.3

Fixes & Bugs

  • Manual insertion in Thunderbird Fixed

– We highly recommend all our users, especially Firefox 3.6 (FF 3.6) & Thunderbird 3 users, to update to this version.

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2 comments on “Firefox 3.6 + Improved Thunderbird 3 Signature = WiseStamp 1.3.3

  • Hello,

    While the 5 minutes RSS update was very important and was nagging me, the most important thing in my opinion is the lack of “memory” for chosen settings:

    I use 3 different email boxes, all hosted on gmail/google-apps, and all have different urls.
    When I choose to implement a signature in one of these mail boxes, WiseStamp does not remember my settings, and uses the default signature each time. Even a select box in the settings menu of WiseStamp to match a signature to a url should be a major step forward.
    Furthermore, when I cancel an auto-implementation of a signarue – then too does the WiseStamp not remember my settings, and will keep auto-implementing the signature ’till I’ll hate it. A 3-time auto-implementation cancellation should automatically edit the proper setting for the current browser session, and fix this nag.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Hi

    This is really gr8 addon for TB.
    what do you think about adding a random sig option to this plug-in.

    Something like, it picks the random lines from a text file. These lines can be quotes or anything else.

    There are few addons available but none allows you to keep a static signature text and add a random quote automatically below it.

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