Update– we have released an improved & more stable version for those issues we highly recommend you to download and upgrade to our latest version via – WiseStamp 1.3.5 โ€“ Improvements & Fixes

Gmail has recently changed its interface causing some of our Firefox users to suffer from signature auto insertion problems and WiseStamp icon disappearance. In order to meanwhile overcome this issue we offered users to use the manual insertion work around, however we understand how important those issues are for our users and therefore have worked on a rapid working fixed version- you can now install so….here it is.

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Find out more about:  WiseStamp Email Signature 1.2.2 - Firefox 3.5 Fixes
  • Anthony Sutcliffe

    Brilliant! I was wondering why my signature had stopped working recently (I was having to insert it manually) so I came here, only to find a solution was already in place. Works perfectly again now.

    Thanks for fixing – wisestamp is a great add-on for firefox!

  • s jones

    thanks for this

    the icon isn’t appearing on my web browser status window–it used to be there.

    also, when will you add POSTEROUS to your social profile options to add on signature?


  • http://dronmac.jimdo.com Ronald MacIntyre

    I keep downloading wisestamp and for the first couple months it work so good with the icon in the right hand bottom corner but then suddenly it would just never show it’s self anymore and I really enjoyed it and like using it on everything.
    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong so I can fix it or should I just remove it.
    Thank you
    Ronald MacIntyre

  • Mike T

    Have just updated to newer version 1.3.4a, back working again, but I have a minor problem, if I open contacts in Firefox 3.6, the contacts screen displays briefly , then is over written with Wisestamp signature.

    If I turn off Wisestamp contacts are displayed correctly, I love the add on it is fantastic one of best add ons found yet.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Anna M

    Thanks for the super fast resolution! You guys are awesome.

  • http://www.wiktzac.com Zac

    Great! I saw a sad, sad future without wisestamp in my gmail…

    Thanks for your swift support! Great!


  • Andreu


    thanks for your huge work.

    Auto insertion works again in Gmail but, as Mike T just pointed out, there are some minor flaws. In my case, the signature appears also overwritten in the tasks tab, when auto insertion is enabled. So for now I’ll have to live without auto insertion!


  • WiseStamp Team

    Thank you for the feedback and the kind words. Our Technical team is working on a new version that will solve these issues. Hopefully, you will have it later this week. Cheers, The WiseStampers

  • http://www.pauloraponi.net Paulo Raponi

    Hi Team,

    When this update will be avaliable on automatic firefox addons update?



    Paulo Raponi

  • http://blog.sellsiusrealestate.com jf.sellsius

    Thanks for the fix. Love Wisestamp!

  • Judy

    The auto-insert works very nicely. Unfortunately, now the signature appears at the top of the Contacts window and hides all contacts – especially if you add the WiseStamp tag on your signature or use formatted html (color, size text). Help!!???!!

  • Kelley

    Wisestamp worked fine for me in Gmail prior to the changes over the last week. Now, it inserts int replies and forwards, but not into composed emails (And yes I have it set to be inserted into both). ๐Ÿ˜


  • http://www.seattleshowgal.com/ Nikki Benon

    Thank you so much!!! Honestly… thank you…

  • Maxi

    Thanks for this update, But how long for update on Mozilla repository ???

  • DonB

    Auto insertion works fine with FF 3.6 but now the new default text style for Gmail does not work with WS

  • Don B

    As others have mentioned it is also inserting another copy of the sent mail in the draft tab, so something else to fix guys, thanks again

  • Rich@jlr

    Hi – any chance of fixing the issue that now puts the signature into tasks ? It flashes up the task list and then overwrites with the signature in every view , can’t get rid of it as far as I can see without maybe disablingWiseStamp – worst possible scenario. All help gratefully received !

  • WiseStamp

    @rich Please upgrade to 1.3.5 via- http://wisestamp.com/blog/wisestamp-1-3-5-improvements-fixes
    This should fix your problem

  • Rich@jlr

    Thanks WiseStamp – you guys are on the money !
    One day all software will be supported like this… I hope !

    Thanks again, all fixed and I’m really happy again.
    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ari

    Hi guys, great soft. Any chance you’re considering to have one signature for answers, different than from a new email? (Same functionality as Outlook, etc.), as well as different languages per signature (or more than 2 signatures)?

  • DonB

    Another good thing to add would be to allow us to use the signature only for designated email address instead of all our email address

  • Boris

    Is it possible to make it work along with default font style from gmail?
    ty, great addon

  • sam

    Great add on, thanks!

    One problem: default text styling is removed upon adding signature in Gmail, this makes it reletively slow to re-style each mail by hand. Any ideas?



  • Rob

    Great stuff guys,

    Having same problem with gmail text styling, is there a workaround besides re-styling or can one add signature after typing mail?

  • Don

    @ Rob

    Yes you can turn the Sig off auto in your settings, and then type your email then once done right click in your body email and add Sig

  • Rob

    I added the supposed new fix and now I have the problem (that I never had before) that the fix was supposed to fix. The Wisestamp signature is appearing in my Contacts pane rendering it basically unusable. Help!

  • Ian

    Gmail has a nice Lab for changing your Default Text Styling, but it appears that the WiseStamp auto-insert feature overrides what you might have set as your default font. Anything you can do to “fix” this? Thanks!