Attention all small business owners: Do not feel left out during the biggest shopping frenzy of the year! Sure, the big box stores have Black Friday and e-commerce retailers have Cyber Monday. But you have Small Business Saturday, and it’s time to make the most of it!

What is Small Business Saturday? It’s a local and economical response to the Thanksgiving holiday, which is usually dominated by Target, Walmart, Best Buy and more. Small Business Saturday first launched in 2010 and has been slowly but steadily gaining steam.  After all, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of how important and valuable it is to “shop small” by buying from local small business. And why not? Local businesses infuse the local economy and can give a more personal touch when it comes to customer care and service.

So, it’s time to encourage your existing customers, clients and new leads to shop small on Small Business Saturday. Here are some quick and easy ways to do it!

1. Run a promotional sale

Small Business Saturday is the perfect time to offer a special promotion to encourage shoppers to visit and spend with your business. Don’t feel like you have to compete with the crazy price slashes that big box stores offer (80% off is easy for them, not for you!). Create a deal that is comfortable for your bottom line and yet enticing enough to your existing customers and new leads.

2. Join the Twitter conversation

The Twitter hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday has been floating around the Twitosphere since early 2010. It’s used to drive awareness of small businesses and encourage shoppers to visit local businesses on Saturday, not just the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Similarly to the #FollowFriday hashtag which highlights Twitter accounts to follow, #SmallBusinessSaturday highlights local small businesses. So, make sure to use the hashtag to get the word out on social media about your Small Business Saturday promotion.

3. Email marketing and the Small Business Saturday email signature banner

Email is still one of the strongest marketing channels. Take the time to create a nice looking HTML template to announce your Small Business Saturday promotion. Don’t have the time to make a slick marketing email? No problem! You can also send a plain text email. It will have the advantage of feeling more personal and direct. But, no matter which you choose—HTML or plain text—you should add WiseStamp’s Small Business Saturday banner to your email signature. We created the Small Business Saturday banner to quickly and easily help you direct customers to your promotion.

Small business Saturday


Small Business Saturday

Here’s how to add the banner:

  1. Visit the WiseStamp Signature Generator
  2. Go to the “Apps” section
  3. Click on the “Holiday Banners” app
  4. Choose the banner you like best and add the URL of your choice
  5. Save your changes and that’s all!

Happy Small Business Saturday and let the “small” shopping begin!