21 Fantastic Resources to Get your Small Business Through the Summer

Summer is well underway and as a small-business owner, you might be experiencing some of the unfortunate side effects that hit businesses at this time of year.  

Your customers are on vacation so sales are down and your staff is feeling sluggish because of the heat. And although you have no time to get away, images of yourself sipping margaritas on a tropical island keep popping into your head.

The situation might seem grim but with the right strategies you can get your business back on its feet, reinvigorate your employees and maybe even take some time off for yourself. 

Here are 21 articles that will help get you through the rest of the summer and sail into fall with your business going strong.


Summer management tips

Try out some new marketing strategies this summer to give your business a boost and jump start productivity with programs that will reenergize your employees


5 Summer Tips for Small Business Owners: Most businesses experience a change in activity during the summer season. For some businesses, this is the busiest time of year while other businesses see a drop in sales. Here are 5 strategies to help you make the most of it of your current situation.

Small Business Marketing Tips for the Summer:  Get some creative ideas for new marketing events and strategies that will help your business thrive during the summer months.

Boost Sales During Summer Slowdowns with These Tips:  If you’re experiencing a slump in sales then try some of these ideas for a quick rejuvenation.

5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business This Summer: If you have a local business then the summertime can offer you many opportunities to get out and promote your business at local events and shops.

8 Ways to Handle Summer Productivity Problems: It can be hard to keep employees productive during the summer months when thoughts of vacation and warm weather begin to occupy their minds. This article offers 8 tips for managing your team so that productivity and spirits stay high.

7 Ways to Energize Your Small Business This Summer:  This article offers some great suggestions for summer programs for your employees, to help them recharge and stay focused and enthusiastic.

17 Quirky Ways To Save Extra Money This Summer: Who wouldn’t mind shaving off some of those unnecessary expenses? Read this article for some creative ways to save a few dollars. 

How To Help Your Kids Launch A Small Business This Summer: With your kids home from school this is the perfect opportunity to encourage them to develop their entrepreneurial spirit by starting a business of their own.

9 Summer-Themed Business Ideas You Can Start Right Away: Not yet a business owner? Here are 9 small business ideas that you can try out this summer to get a taste for managing a business.


Vacation & Travel

Everyone needs some time away, especially if you spend a majority of the year shouldering the responsibilities of a business.

If you need more convincing, just read the articles below about the benefits of taking time off. And once you are convinced, read the rest of the articles with tips on how to take a vacation so that your business is still running smoothly when you get back.

Sole Proprietors: How to Take a Real Vacation Without Losing Business: When you’re a sole proprietor, taking a break from work can be a real struggle, since just a few days off could affect your business. Read the advice of the sole proprietors in this article to get some ideas for how you can prepare your business so that it will continue to thrive even when you’re away from the office.

Why Business Leaders Should Take Time Off and go on Vacation : Have you been contemplating a vacation but are afraid to take the plunge? “A healthy business requires a healthy leader.” Here is why you need to take time off if you want to keep doing a good job.

How to Take a Real Vacation While Running Your Business: Realizing your need for a vacation is only the first step. Next, you have to make sure that you’re able to enjoy your time off without worrying about your business the entire time. The five tips in this article will help you prepare your business to run smoothly in your absence, so you can enjoy a stress-free vacation.

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Taking a Vacation: A helpful infographic for understanding the importance of taking a vacation, along with some tips on how to enjoy yourself while away.

10 of the Best Travel Apps … That You’ll Actually Use: Whether you’ll be traveling for business or pleasure this summer, these 10 apps will make your travel planning a lot easier.

Use These Apps for Entrepreneurs to Improve Your Travel Schedule: And four more apps that will help you with scheduling your travel plans.

The Secrets to Writing the Perfect Out-of-Office Email: One important detail that you don’t want to forget about before you go on vacation is your out-of-office email. This email will automatically be sent to everyone who emails you, notifying them that you will be unavailable for a while. But what exactly should the message say? Read this article for a few helpful suggestions and a template that you can use yourself.

Tools to Optimize Your Social Scheduling When You Need a Break: Part of planning for your vacation should involve scheduling all of the social media messages that will need to go out while you are gone (if this is a task that you manage yourself). This article provides a list of some good tools that you can use to manage your social media scheduling.  


Fill up your downtime

It doesn’t always have to be about business but if you have some downtime this summer why not enjoy a good book, movie or podcast that will both entertain and educate.

23 Must-Read Business Books for This Summer: Whether you’re at the beach, on a flight or just need something good to read this summer, here are 23 books that will get your mind spinning with new ideas and inspiration.  

Looking for Inspiration? Ten Books for your Summer Reading List : And more book recommendations, from the Guardian’s Small Business Network

The 11 Best Podcasts for Small Business Owners: Podcasts are a great way to keep up on industry news and learn from other successful business owners while also relaxing and enjoying your time off from work.

10 Movies Every Small Business Owner Should Watch: It’s good to get away from work and think about other things, but who doesn’t love an inspiring movie that gets you excited about your job? Enjoy some time off this summer with these 10 movies.

10 Free Online Courses That Can Benefit Every Entrepreneur: If summertime offers you a bit of flexibility in your working schedule then use that extra time to take a course or two and learn to skills to benefit your business.


Do you have any favorite articles or tips that have helped you this summer?

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