Gilmore Girls Signature Moments

This is the second in a series of posts that will feature how your favorite TV characters would use WiseStamp if they weren’t stuck in the virtual world of television. We hope this series will inspire you to use WiseStamp creatively as you leave your impression on the world. Read Part 1 here

It’s official! Netflix is working on a revival of Gilmore Girls.

It’s causing so much excitement, don’t be surprised if people start humming the “la la la la la” of the theme song while they’re walking down the street.

What have the people of Stars Hollow been up to since 2007? Though we’re getting small tastes, we’ll have to wait until the premiere of the four episode season to find out for sure.

But rest assured, their businesses and careers are thriving, with some help from their email signatures:

Lorelai Gilmore, Coffee Connoisseur / Hotel Owner

Lorelai still loves winter, when her beloved Dragonfly Inn is blanketed in snow. Her Instagram feed is full of photos that look like they’re straight out of a storybook, and she has lots of Pinterest boards with ideas for elegant yet quirky hotel decor.

As always, she’s determined to to stay up-to-date on the hotel business, which she does by staying active on LinkedIn and connecting with other hotel owners.

Of course, she loves Facebook too, and tries to connect with as many guests as she can through the Dragonfly’s Facebook page.

Last but not least, she wants to make sure her guests have the best time possible and wants to make sure she gets regular feedback.

Lorelai Gilmore Email Signature Rory Gilmore, the Next Christiane Amanpour

Last time we saw Rory, she was about to travel all over the U.S., reporting on presidential candidate Barak Obama’s campaign.

Without much time for long posts, Twitter and Instagram were perfect for sending out quick updates from the campaign trail, and are still perfect for when she’s on the road.

Rory, famous for her addiction to books, is really excited that she figured out how to make her own Goodreads icon, which she did by clicking on “+ Add another profile,” uploading the Goodreads logo, and adding the link to her account.

Her favorite feature is the “blog promoter,” so links to her latest articles show up in her signature.

Rory Gilmore Email Signature

Sookie St. James, Chef Extraordinaire

Don’t worry. Although Sookie may not be in Stars Hollow for the revival, her signature will tell you all you need to know.

Sookie’s fabulous cooking has become even more famous. She’s now giving cooking classes at The Dragonfly, and for those who can’t make the trip, she’s giving webinars.

You can also check out images of her most popular dishes on Behance and Pinterest.

(Side Note: Jackson, who just made a Pinterest board with photos of his garden, is thinking about following in his wife’s footsteps and creating his own signature.)

Sookie Email Signature

WiseStamp signature example

Luke Danes, Diner Owner / Baseball Cap Aficionado

Luke, always weary of technology and change, uses an email signature created for him by his long lost daughter, April.

His signature, though minimal, features the latest post from the diner’s Facebook page so customers can see what’s new on the menu and download coupons with one click.

But just wait. It won’t be long before he’s on Twitter and Instagram too.

(His latest post was not written or approved by April and will probably not remain on the page for long. And be warned, he rarely changes the specials.)

Luke Danes Signature

Michel Gerard, Hotelier / Fashion Icon 

Michel, proud hotelier, is always proud to show off his signature.

He loves using Instagram to post daily selfies of his outfits, and he’s been known to post videos of his infamous dance moves on Facebook.

His latest accomplishment is an app he developed for hotel managers, which he links to with the Google Play icon.

But, his favorite feature is the LinkedIn “Let’s connect!” button. He’s made new friends who share his passion for the hotel business.

Michel Gerard Email Signature

Emily Gilmore, Not Just a “Lady Who Lunches”

Emily isn’t much into sharing the minute details of her daily life (she’s never understood why people post pictures of their lunches, but that’s just her).

But she’s working on redecorating her house, and she’s discovered Dribbble. It’s how she found her new designer (no, she won’t reveal the name – good designers are so hard to come by), and now she’s showing off her home improvements with her own account.

In her opinion, the best part of social media is being able to promote her many events (sorry, Richard, she’s not showing any signs of cutting back). Now she can promote those symphony fundraisers through her signature, and she couldn’t be more delighted.

Emily Gilmore Email Signature
Lane Kim, Wife / Mother / Drummer

Being the mother of twins hasn’t stopped Lane from drumming. Though they don’t perform as often as they’d like, the Hep Alien band is thrilled to be able to promote their gigs and share their YouTube videos through their signatures.

They’ve also added a SoundCloud icon, which is motivating them to upload more new music.

And yes, she’s a proud mother who fills her Instagram feed with adorable pictures of the kids. Her favorite is the one of Steve and Kwan climbing onto her drum set. (She only pretended to be mad.)

Lane Kim Email Signature

Paris Geller, Doctor / Healthcare Advocate 

Are we surprised that Paris, always the overachiever, has packed her signature? Of course, she wants you to find her on LinkedIn and she’d love it if you followed her on Medium to learn about her medical research.

But her favorite parts of her signature are the quote generator (shockingly, she’s chosen to use quotes about success), and the “support cause” app she uses to collect donations for Operation Asha. (Hey, she may be intense, but she cares).

Paris Geller Email Signature

There you have it.

Hmm. How do you think their signatures might have changed since we last left them eight years ago?

What about the rest of the Stars Hollow gang?

What do you think Gypsy, Miss Patty, and Kirk would have in their signatures?

If you’re inspired to create or update your signature, read “The WiseStamp Email Signature Apps That Will Get Your Blog Read and Shared” for more tips and examples.

See you in The Hollow!