Google plus, Google’s new social network has gained massive hype in the past few weeks and many WiseStamp users have already received their Google+ invites. Many of you have urged us to include a   Google plus icon in our list of supported Social icons so that you can easily link to your Google plus profile and create functional email signatures with your most relevant profiles. Well… you got it! Simply open the list of Social icons and add your Google+ profile. Like this? How about giving us a –
So, if you already have your Google+ profile you can now share it with the world via your email signature: * This Signature sample also demos our Large icons feature

Please note: if you are a Chrome user simply update your extension, if you use Firefox or Thunderbird this version is still in the Mozilla Sandbox awaiting to become public, However no need to wait you can upgrade now to our latest version – – Enjoy!

Some of you might have noticed the new Facebook fan page icon which was added recently to our list of Social icons. We’ve added it following many suggestions and  requests from WiseStampers who wish to differentiate their personal Facebook profiles from a Facebook fan page they manage. It is now easy to link and promote your Facebook Pages through your email signature. Last but not least: You can also add us to your circle – WiseStamp Google+ Page to get news and updates. Don’t have a Google+ invite yet? We might be able to help you join the party-  sign-up and we will try to send you an invite by availability.