Hooray! – WiseStamp supports Gmail Compose! New

The New Gmail Compose

The Gmail team introduced a brand new Compose and reply feature  which we are proud to support. We have already released an automatic update to all our Chrome users. A Firefox & Safari  updated is coming soon! Grab the updated from here – Update version To activate your WiseStamp on the new Gmail compose, simply make sure you where updated to the latest WiseStamp version and make sure to refresh your Gmail tab (Ctrl+R) before you click compose. You can easily alternate between your signatures by clicking on the WiseStamp icon that will appear in the bottom of your compose window. Note that your WiseStamp signature will be added to your first composed window, and will appear on the second compose window when you send the first one. We will continue to support the traditional Gmail compose, if you choose to switch back to the old compose.

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