SIGN ME UP! There’s been a lot of talk about the importance of your email signature recently. The question is, how can you turn your email signature into a successful social marketing tool, without driving yourself, or the people that you are emailing crazy in the process? 1) Use social media buttons instead of links The problem begins when it comes to actually creating your socially savvy email signature. Whilst it is a great idea to link to your social media profiles, lots of links can look messy. Use WiseStamp’s social apps buttons to create a professional email signature with your social media buttons perfectly lined up. Jon_Butt 2) Add a photo, not a logo Everybody likes to see who they are speaking to. One of the joys of social media communication is seeing the person you are talking to, even when you are not face to face. By adding a photo to your signature you create that genuine relationship in your email communication too. Sue_Anne_signature 3) Keep it simple Your email signature is your digital business card. The same way you choose the most important elements of your branding for your business card, you should take the same approach with your email signature. A social savvy signature shouldn’t ever be messy or overcrowded. Bridget_signature What are your tips for a social savvy email signature? What do you add in? What do you leave out?