hurdles Women make great entrepreneurs for many reasons, I love that most of the ones I work with have built their empires off of their passions. A sew shop that teaches people how to make things with their hands and a sewing machine. A wellness shaman that helps people tap into their mind, body, and soul to feel awesome again. Or even a life coaching business that is based off of adventures from a coach who lived in a car for a year. I’ve worked with thousands of women entrepreneurs on their businesses and most of them all suffer from the same common hurdles. The good news is that everyone can learn how to jump over them and this post will get you started today. Being Consistent with Marketing When life gets in the way, it’s easy to put your business on the backburner. OR when you rock at what you do and you’re booked solid, being consistent with your marketing goes to the bottom of the to-do’s pile. I’m entering my 10th year of business and if there is one thing that I’ve learned, when you stop marketing yourself, your business growth slows. Want to continue to run a thriving business? Be consistent with your marketing.

  • Do one thing each day
  • Create videos, blog posts, or social media posts in batches
  • Work on the hardest tasks first thing in the morning, when your mind is fresh

If you’re unsure what to do to get started, get access to the completely free GenXo Monthly Marketing Success Kit. Making the Sale Women entrepreneurs struggle the most with making the sale. Having a sales conversation doesn’t have to be difficult or scary. Try flipping your thoughts and hesitations towards sales. You are doing a disservice to your future client if you don’t offer them your help, they are coming to you because you are the expert at what you do. Be confident in what you have to offer to them. You’ve got this. Fear of Technology Technology can have a mind of its own, I get it. Digital Marketing is here to stay and unfortunately {or hopefully after today, you’ll say fortunately}. I know it’s scary but anything is for the first time. Once you understand the basics of anything, it becomes easier. Think back to when you were a child and you were trying to ride a bike without training wheels. Technology helps open the doors to opportunity, especially in business. Embracing the basics will help you move upward. Empower yourself by learning how to add a new blog post, upload a new video you created on a whim of inspiration, or run a basic FB Ad. Set a goal for yourself to learn the basics of one piece of technology at a time. Shiny-Object Syndrome Don’t struggle on in silence. Make an SOS call to get saved from Shiny-object Syndrome. Whether it’s a new social media network… { Periscope, I’m looking at you! } Or another new program that promises 1M Instagram followers overnight. { The gorgeous images, headlines that pull you in, and copy that basically tells you that you aren’t successful because you don’t have the program. } Rather than hiring a business coach who can help them one-on-one, women get caught up in the flashy-ness of the next big thing. Promise yourself to stop, and evaluate. Promise yourself that every week you will:

  • Work towards consistent marketing
  • Finish those courses that you’ve already purchased. { and vow to not buy another until… }
  • Become awesome on one social media network until you’ve mastered it.
  • Have conversations with potential customers about how you can help them.

Learn what hurdles you are afraid to jump over in business and find someone who will teach you how to. Everything is learnable. Just don’t try to take it all on at once.