How To Stand Out- umbrella with text You are afraid. Because your blog is only surviving on life support. You know that it`s only a matter of time… before your blog has to miraculously become better… or join the eternal planes where unknown blogs go to die. Kind of sad, right? But, your blog doesn’t have to die. It just requires hard and strategic work. Let me show you how to stand out in an overcrowded blogosphere. 1.Creating great value Why do people want to follow you on social media, follow your blog, subscribe to your list, buy your products and then beg for more? Two words: amazing content. It`s like trying out a new dish in a restaurant. First you want to taste the dish. You are a bit skeptical at first, but you are giving it a shot. Then it`s quickly thumb up or down. If you like it, you will consume the whole dish. Then, if you are still thinking that the dish tasted pretty awesome, you will… …crave more. If you aren`t full, you might order another one. Nevertheless, you know that you will return to the restaurant to get another awesome gastronomic experience. That is EXACTLY how it works in the blogging world. Your social media messages, your blog posts, your comments on other people`s blog posts and your emails to other people… …it`s all about sharing your amazing content, wanting them to crave more. A great example of a new blogger who has gotten some massive publicity in a short amount of time is my client, Tor Refsland, behind the productivity blog Time Management Chef. In about 7 months he has been interviewed on 5 websites, guest posted for 12 big websites and featured as an expert on 22 websites. One of his best ways to get his brand out there is… 2.Guest posting If you have started a new band and want some massive exposure, what do you do? You work hard on getting a gig warming up for a big band. Why? Because you will be able to perform for a big audience, get your brand out there and connect with the people arranging the concert. You only have to make sure that when you are in the spotlight, you have to deliver your everything. The same goes for guest blogging. You have a new blog, which means… You have NO TRAFFIC. You have NO SUBSCRIBERS. Heck, NO ONE knows that you exist! It can all be solved easily. Write an awesome guest post for a bigger blog within your niche, and all the issues above will be solved. And for the sake of your own blog, in your bio at the end of the guest post, direct people to your landing page, giving them a free eBook, checklist or infographic in exchange for their email address. Remember, bullet point 1? Providing great content? That should be a part of every single fiber in your body. Everything you do must provide great content. Here are some examples of guest posts that got the author traffic and subscribers: Sue on Blogging Wizard How To Create A Lead Magnet And Grow Your Email List Faster Tor Refsland for Asian Efficiency 5 Productivity Killing Myths That Are Ruining Your Life – And How To Solve Them Ramsay Taplin on Copyblogger Why I Hate Copyblogger 3. Blogger Outreach One of the best ways to get your name out there is to get to know other bloggers in your niche. Why? My mentor, Jon Morrow from Boost Blog Traffic, says that being a successful blogger comes down to just one thing… who you KNOW. It`s like the real world. The majority of the best opportunities are given to people by someone they know. Why? Because people want to do business with people they know, like and trust. Okay, so how do you do bloggers outreach? Social Media First of all, you should follow influencers on social media, and share their content. Then you could start by commenting on their shares. Blog commenting One of the best ways to connect with other bloggers is to comment on their blog. Or even better, comment on a guest post they have written. Ryan Biddulph from Blogging From Paradise is a commenting machine. Follow his lead. Email Send an email to a blogger and give them some praise for an article they have written. Don’t ask for anything in the first email. Just write what you liked in the article (which proves that you actually read the article) and tell them that you also shared their article. Opportunities You might be thinking, “Okay, Sue, I get it. But what`s really in it for me?” Good question. If you do blogger outreach the right way, you can get people to share your content, and they will potentially let you guest post for them or they might even interview you and possibly even endorse a product you will be launching in the future. When you become friends with other bloggers, you want to be of service. Building relationships isn`t magic. It`s just takes some work. Want to save your blog from extinction? Execute some massive action to get your name out there! Which of these tips have you used for your own blog? Let me know in the comments.  

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