We are excited to present to you our brand new professional LinkedIn signature App. This app allows you to easily add your mini LinkedIn profile and latest linkedin status to your email. It’s simple and effective, just like handing out your interactive business card every email you send. This app also presents a completely new experience – it we’ll magically generate your entire Linkedin signature for you! Check it out:

Get it now Your LinkedIn signature enables you to promote yourself and grow your network. It will help you establish your personal brand and expertise. You will be easily found and reached on linkedin. From now on every email you send will become an opportunity to connect and expand your professional reach. While creating this App we asked a couple of LinkedIn experts to try it out, and you should hear what they had to say: Already a WiseStamp fan? Adding your linkedin updates to your current signature is easy. Simply go to our Extras section and add the “LinkedIn Updates”. We hope you like this LinkedIn App as much as we do. Please be awesome and share it with your friends and colleagues: