Every business owner has a signature story; the event or experience that launched your entrepreneurial journey.

Your signature story tells us how you got here and why you decided to do what you’re doing.

This is the fourth post in a series of articles focusing on WiseStamp users who have started their own businesses and want to share some of the valuable lessons that they’ve learned along the way.

Today we have with us Keri Jaehnig, a well-known social media pro who founded her own social media marketing agency.

Keri Jaehnig

Welcome Keri!

Please tell us about your business and how it got started

Idea Girl Media helps business brands, public figures and non-profits achieve social media success through customized online marketing campaigns and training.  We have evolved with the social landscape, so there has always been some building and growing to keep up with the 24/7/265 changes in digital marketing.  

Previous to working in social media, I had been promoting non-profit programs.  This required consistently creative approach on limited budgets.  In turn, I had been leveraging email marketing and online forums in their infancy. 

When the world changed, and social media became more widely popular in 2008, I shifted to stay with a moving and growing field.  I’ve been providing done-for-you social media services for clients worldwide since 2009.

What has been your biggest challenge and how have you overcome it?

Good question.  There have surely been challenges over time.  Just keeping up with the constant changes with social media is a daily challenge for all in the industry! 

In my opinion, if we are not consistently experiencing some challenge, we are not flexing our business muscles to grow.  So, I view challenge as a good thing, and even energizing. 

What’s your favorite business growth tip?

Every business is different, as is each business owner.  So the business growth map will look different from business to business and owner to owner.  That said, I’ve found that those that are willing to use some elbow grease and keep in tune with where their niche is going win the race. A technique I have found to surge new energy into a business creates several wins… It is a trifecta of sorts: Be helpful and offer value to others; Feature others in your online activities; Collaborate with others in complementary niches. Collaborating can bring a quick surge of energy to your business, you get to share the workload.  Win/win. 

How do you. use your WiseStamp signature to grow your business and what’s your favorite feature?

I am using WiseStamp Pro.  I love the ability to use different signatures for each email I send out. 


I have four set up right now that draw attention to different facets of my business.  I can cater what each contact sees at the bottom of my email based on their niche and how we are connected.


My favorite apps over time: Email Sign-up, Business Promotion/Sale, Import Tweets from Twitter, Import Current Blog Post, and I’ve managed to customize one of the apps to call attention to my Facebook Networking Group – Likeable League. 


But my favorite app is the one that allows me to import my Instagram images into my email signature!  This helps me affirm branding, share my ideas in an interesting way, and encourages people to connect with me on the platform.


Keri Jaehnig's WiseStamp signature Thanks Keri! I hope you enjoyed this interview with Keri. Make sure to catch the other articles in our Signature Stories series:


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