Let’s start building your LinkedIn organic posts, so you will be able to grow your company presence.

Let’s get into it:

1. Fill out all the company details

For starters, make sure you fill out all the details on your LinkedIn business account. Take the time to do this, don’t just put anything. This is what your potential user will see. This includes:

1. Logo/ photo – a high-quality image.
2. Tag line –
the sentence that appears near your logo
3. Cover photo –
LinkedIn cover photo size: 1536 x 768.
4. Company description –
5. Topics Hash-tags
-that matter to your page

Companies that fill out their LinkedIn page properly are more likely to get more page views. This is extremely important for any business that wants to achieve long-term results.

2. Post daily on LinkedIn

Engage your audience with valuable content and they will start to see you as an authority that is reliable and dependable. Aim to post 4-6 times a week, and it doesn’t always have to be content that you created.

Content creation is something that proves to be essential for success regardless of your niche or industry.

LinkedIn has become a powerful platform to give people an outlet to create content for their audience. Content can be in article form directly posted on LinkedIn, or a repost from the companies site, videos, images, etc.

A. Authority oriented articles

A great approach is thought leadership, this occurs when highly qualified professionals use their expertise to guide their surrounding audience/ followers.

Companies can use a Thought leadership strategy in which professionals in different departments share tips and tricks about their expert field that help their audience. You can then later translate the info into an article, video, or webinar.

Provide solutions to the struggle of your target audience will increase your value. Give them content that they will find useful and they will start to develop a sense of loyalty to your business and it helps boost your brand with your audience.

This is going to happen gradually, but you should be consistent with your efforts to create quality content. The longer you stick to those efforts, the more likely it is that people will start to develop a sense of loyalty and they will become long-term customers.

B. Behind the scene corporate articles

Start supercharging your LinkedIn growth strategy by showing who you are as a company.

Let your audience have a peek behind the scenes regarding your business activities. Those who want to know how to grow on LinkedIn are going to find this to be crucial for a positive outcome.

This can include showcasing information on how a product is being tested or developed. Details on the accomplishments and profile of an employee that is valuable to the company.

Anything else that you consider valuable to share, such as:

  • Quick tips and short cuts
  • Logo or photo updates
  • Company Updates

This can be in the form of an article, video format, and or company update release.

C. Share or repost customer satisfaction

People love transparency and publishing the kind of feedback that your customers are sharing is going to be very useful. By sharing with your audience how your company or service helps others is tremendously valuable. This can also be in the form of testimonial videos.

Linkedin repost

D. Use LinkedIn publisher instead

Most users don’t know that you can publish your article directly on the LinkedIn platform. So, for an article, you published/want to publish on your website you can directly use the platform.

Instead of linking your article outwards, it will stay within the platform and the algorithm will show more people. Thus, more chance of engagement!

There is a 1300 character limit, so try to summarize, make sure the first three lines are a hook because that’s what people will see.

3. Use analytics to check your progress

Being able to measure your efforts is essential in any kind of marketing campaign. The reason why you are using LinkedIn is because you want to be able to engage a large audience.

This makes analytics extremely reliable for this process and it helps you keep things under control. If one topic gets a better reaction, you know which direction to take. But test the waters, at least for the beginning.

Measure your efforts

A) Analyze organic impression on LinkedIn

1. Impressions:

This is basically the moment when any kind of information and content is displayed on the screen of a potential customer.

Impressions don’t reflect any information on how interested a person may be in regards to your products and services. What they do is provide insight on how many people are seeing your content.

2. Reactions:

Reactions are the kind of actions of your visitors after they have been exposed to your content. This includes any comments or shares that mention your business.

This is the reason why being able to analyze reactions is going to be so important.

3. Click-through-rate:

The metric to analyze your CTR is the number of users who took action on your LinkedIn post or ad, then Divide it by the number of impressions. The Avg CTR for organic posts is 1.09.

4. engagement rate: how frequently and how long a user interacts with your post.

organic impression

B) Use LinkedIn’s Page Insight


Your visitors are going to be extremely important in this process because they are the key factor that is going to determine your long-term success.

Knowing the exact number of visitors you are getting on your website is crucial. This is how you decide your next step in terms of marketing and promotion.


Being able to measure the results that come from your updates is also essential because it will shine a light on your current strategies.

One of the key elements for success in the digital world is to test everything out to start the process of optimizing your content.


Learning how many followers have joined in a weekly or daily basis is also going to be essential. If the numbers are too low, your strategies need to be shifted accordingly.


4. Different types of LinkedIn campaigns

Now that we are done with discussing the content type and analytics. We are moving on to the different types of campaigns available on LinkedIn.

In order to start using LinkedIn, campaigns ad, your LinkedIn business profile should be maximized organically, meaning that all company details are on your profile and you have daily content posts on LinkedIn.

1. Awareness:

The Awareness campaign This type of ad campaign is used to get user engagements and brand awareness. Such as introducing your company to the market, comment, like, and share. So, if you are new in the market and you want to get your brand out there use this type.

However, this type of ad can be quite expensive in comparison to other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram but can be useful since it’s a corporate platform.

Being able to measure your achievements in terms of exposure. Having this level of awareness regarding your ability to reach an audience is going to play a major role in your campaigning efforts.

2. Consideration:

The consideration campaign is measuring how your potential customers are taking action after they see your content is going to be very revealing. Their clicks, the actions they take, if they subscribe, etc. This is very valuable information that will give you more clarity when deciding your next move.

3. Conversions:

The conversion campaign this type of ad is learning more about the percentage of people that convert into leads is going to be extremely helpful. A converting visitor is more likely to end up becoming a paying customer.

Keep in mind that conversions are more than simply selling products or services. An action such as subscribing to a newsletter is a conversion. It converts a visitor into an actual lead that you can gradually turn into a buyer.

Make sure that your website is optimized for customer retention

When you are promoting your business with any social media platform, you need to consider the importance of redirecting as many of those efforts as you can to your business website. Once they reach your website, the quality of your content will determine the retention.

Brush up on your essential digital marketing skills, LinkedIn is just another of many useful platforms to start promoting your business. It’s important to make sure that you are going to be working on all fronts when it comes to your digital marketing efforts.

Final thoughts

The world is becoming more competitive than ever and we are stepping into the digital era with full force. This means that any business that is looking to thrive in the current environment is going to require some creativity. Learning how to select your ad objectivity can be difficult.

How to build a LinkedIn company page is a very common search term online. The tips that we have shared with you are going to help you achieve those goals and this is going to be successful as long as you are consistent.