It’s hard to imagine a time before social media. Today, if you don’t use social media strategically, you simply can’t compete. According to a 2014 report by Shareacholic, Facebook drives 22.36% of overall traffic to sites, which is a whopping increase of 115.63% compared to September 2013. And it’s only going to grow from there. Facebook leads the pack, but it’s still one of many social platforms responsible for driving site traffic.


Here are four essential rules you should apply across all of your social media activity:

1. Be Transparent One thing that really helps us at WiseStamp connect with our customers is our transparency on social media. For example, when we rolled out a product update, we anticipated that some of our customers might need help getting set up with the new version. So, we went straight to our social media channels to give them the heads up that we are here to help. We anticipated what could be a challenge for our customers, gave them the heads up, and offered our help before they even had the opportunity to contact us with an issue. They really appreciated it.  


Chapter 1 Wisestamp Facebook post  


2. Be Responsive Conversations are taking place constantly on social media. As soon as you post something, you can provoke a reaction. What next? Be prepared to respond. People use social media to connect, whether with a friend or brand. When you put content out there, it’s essential to respond to the comments and questions you provoke in a timely manner. When one of our customers reaches out to us on social media, we make sure to respond to within hours. 

Chapter 1 Wisestamp response


3. Add Value Social media is about adding value to conversations, not simply promoting yourself 24/7. If you make posts that only promote, promote, promote your content, you’ll fail to add value to the ecosystem and get ­respect as an influencer within your industry. How do you add value? Share news, insights, and events that are relevant to your industry. Ask yourself before you post, “Is this relevant to people in my industry?” “Will anyone care about this post?”


4. Update Regularly Your social media channels need to be active; otherwise there is no point. It’s okay if you don’t have a constant stream of updates on your product or service. As we said in the point above, there are many types of meaningful content you can post beyond your business’ latest offering or news. And thanks to social media management tools like Buffer, HootSuite, Everypost, and Sprout Social, you can share and schedule content across multiple social media accounts in one streamlined process.


To learn more about social media scheduling and sharing tools, we recommend this post from Search Engine Journal.  


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