We recently shared some very exciting news involving our merger with vCita, the leading Small Business management solution app. We can’t think of a better way to get amped-up about vCita and everything it can offer you as a WiseStamper, than hearing from the man who started it all; vCita’s co-founder Itzik Levy. Just like most of our users, Itzik started out as a small business owner with big dreams. That has stayed the main driving force behind everything within the product itself. 

Itzik Levy email signature

My name is Itzik Levy and I’m the co-founder and CEO of vCita. 

What is vCita’s main goal?

vCita’s main goal is to create a product that is intuitive and easy to use for the small business owner, helping them with managing their business.

Founded in 2010, with offices in Tel Aviv and Seattle, vCita originally started out as an online scheduling platform. Over the years, vCita evolved to become an all-in-one app that includes all the tools a small business needs to manage and grow their business.

Today vCita includes an online CRM to manage all client communications in addition to online scheduling, payments, email & SMS campaigns, and lead generating website widgets. We believe all small businesses should have access to these critical tools in order to deliver a superior customer experience, and drive growth.

Why choose the small business market?

Freelancing and self-employment as well as small businesses are on the rise worldwide, especially in the US. According to the Freelancers Union, nearly 57 million Americans now work as freelancers.

As the small business and self-employed workforce continues to surge, the market is becoming highly competitive. Therefore increasing your productivity as a small business is imperative. You need to be able to compete with other freelancers in the market. The best way to do that is to improve your productivity. 

Unlike larger organizations and enterprises, the small business owner is faced with time and availability issues. They do not always have the luxury of delegating important tasks to other individuals or teams. This leads to the constant challenge of finding time to deal with every task that growing a successful business demands.

vcita team

When I started the company, I wanted to revolutionize the self-employed and small business owners day to day life – by simplifying the way small businesses manage their client interactions, and make tasks like scheduling, payments, and marketing campaigns more easy and intuitive, so even a non techie service-driven business can join the digital world.

Can you explain what a service-driven business means?

Sure. Let’s say you’re a private yoga teacher. You teach students either individually or in a class. That’s the service you offer. Perhaps you’ve also decided to sell a selection of yoga equipment to be used during your sessions. A nice little add-on but yoga lessons remain the core of your business, your main source of revenue. By using vCita, you spend less time on tedious tasks like client management and billing, and more time engaging with your clients and providing excellent service. In a way, vCita does the scheduling busy work for you.

How does vCita do that?

The app empowers its users with greater confidence in dealing with scheduling, payment and marketing. Giving them the tools to make these processes easier, faster, and more automated. To this day I believe that small business owners deserve to make every day more fulfilling and greater than the one before, focusing on what they love to do.

In your perspective, what is the greatest challenge a small business owner faces?

The world of small businesses is constantly evolving. This means that small business owners have to keep up or risk falling behind the competition. For example, it’s a known fact that an ever growing number of consumers manage their daily tasks and activities through their various mobile devices. Small businesses must quickly bridge the digital gap and keep up with their customers’ expectations and demands. That’s where we come in, by giving our users the platform to do so, with automatic emails, a client portal and more.

vCita has developed a lot in the past 9 years. What’s been the driving force behind its growth?

We’ve been incredibly lucky to have a very active community of vCita users. By continuously communicating with our users, through social media and our support team we get immediate, real time, constant Feedback on what are our users need from our products. This definitely keeps us on our toes! Whenever we release a new product or feature, we eagerly await to hear from our community of vCitizens.

Also, by merging with WiseStamp, we are excited that a whole new community of WiseStamp users will be joining us, both as users and by enabling us to offer our users more products like the WiseStamp, WiseIntro and WiseCard. We are eager to assist in helping them market their business in an easier and smarter way. 

Itzik Levi - vCita CEO

A few more questions …

Can’t get through the day without … Mainly uses email, WhatsApp, and a small notebook to manage my tasks.

What music do you like to hear? Actually, I mostly hear the music the kids hear. My ride to the office in the morning is very short, so by the time I drop them at school I don’t have much time to hear other music.

Is there a pet in your life? I’m glad to have several pets I take care of from time to time, with the many vCita employees’ dogs walking around the office.

A tech-gadget you dream of? I love computer games and to this day I play at nights, to relax before bed. Until today, my most favorite games are Dune II and Day of the Tentacle, and I’m still waiting for their remakes. 

Is there time for any hobbies? I’m a science lover, especially physics and math, and as said gaming. I try to play some basketball to stay in shape, though today between work and my kids, I can’t really find much time to play anymore.

What is your favorite place in the office? Without a doubt, the foosball table.

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