Lev Feinerman

You might not recognize the face in the picture, but many of you are probably familiar with his name.

If you’ve ever had a question about your signature or needed help connecting an app, you’ve most likely met Lev.

He doesn’t wear a cape (at least not at the office) but Lev has earned his hero status through his dedication to our customers and his willingness to go out of his way to solve any problems you may have with your signature. 

1. Hi Lev! Tell us a bit about what do you do at WiseStamp.

I’m in charge of customer happiness. I take care of all of our customer support issues.

2. What is your favorite part about working at WiseStamp?

I like the people I work with, which is very important. (Always dedicated to support, Lev paused the interview to take care of a customer support issue.)

Lev's Mother
(Lev’s Mother)

I like to solve problems and make people happy. My mother brought me up that way.

Shh. Don’t tell him, but we got our hands on some comments from WiseStamp users

“You’re genius Lev.  Thank you. Things are working just fine now.  I really appreciate you getting back to me.”

3. What’s your favorite WiseStamp feature? Why?

I like the promoter apps because you can adapt them and use them for different things, like your blog or an upcoming sale.

4. If you could create a signature for anyone in the world, real or fictional, from any time period, who would it be for? Why? What would it look like?

Luke Skywalker, because he was my childhood hero.

Star Wars Signature

5. Tell us something about yourself that we may not know.

I’m a musician. I sing, play guitar, compose, and “all that jazz.”

But I don’t actually play jazz.

Other Fun Facts about Lev

Most played song on his mp3 player:

Just the Right Bullets, by Tom Waits

Favorite Music to Work To:

Chicago Blues 

Favorite Book:

Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut (because of the witty humor)

Thanks, Lev!

If you have any more questions for Lev, ask away in the comments. 

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