MEET OUR Meet Bridget Brisk, freelance marketing strategist and WiseUser. What do you do professionally, and how long have you done it for? I have been developing strategy, content and executing online marketing campaigns for nearly 9 years. When my son was born in September, I left the corporate world and began freelancing. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of interesting clients and brands. I’m excited to take the next step and incorporate my business this summer. How long have you used WiseStamp? What do you love about it? How has it helped you grow your business? I only recently started using WiseStamp. I’d been looking for a professional way to include my social media icons in my signature through Gmail (which I use for all of my business and personal needs). I saw the Wisestamp signature on the bottom of an email from a fellow blogger and knew I’d found a solution! I love that I can customize a signature that reflects my personal brand, but also for each of my clients. It’s important for communication methods to be visible at all times – especially when running a business that primarily focuses on social media. Wisestamp has helped me share links to our social platforms without bulky copy. It’s clean and professional. Bridget_signature Why would you recommend WiseStamp to others in your field? If you’re part of an agency or offer your services to multiple clients, Wisestamp helps you quickly switch between signatures depending on what is appropriate for each email you write. Time is always in short supply, and you shouldn’t have to worry about re-typing or re-linking social media platforms each time you draft a letter. Has WiseStamp helped you grow your business?

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