Meet our WiseUsers: Jewel Figueras, LifeStyle Blogger

Meet Jewel Figueras, Professional LifeStyle Blogger and WiseUser. Jewel is a 40-something chick, born and raised in Washington, DC. She moved to South Florida a few years ago. Through her enthrallment with Social Media, while working in the Special Events, Marketing, and Fashion industries, she has met many interesting people, which led her to what her friends jokingly call “The Fab Life.” How long have you used WiseStamp? What do you love about it? How has it helped you grow your business? I’ve been using WiseStamp for about 3 years.  I love the customizable signatures–it allows me to add and remove information easily.  The signature gives my email a polished, professional look. Has WiseStamp helped you grow your business? Want to be featured as a WiseUser? Get in touch.

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