Hi Todd, what do you do? My Linkedin profile leads with “marketing-focused career eclectic.” meaning I’ve put in a quarter-century (so far) doing different things mostly related to marketing. currently consulting with businesses and nonprofit organizations to help them find and tell their stories via whatever blend of new and traditional channels works for their audience. for some clients that includes serving as a stunt double, ghost writing in 140 character or less. Todd_Randolph_signature_one How long have you used WiseStamp for? Do you have more than one signature? I found a message from Aug 2009 subject line “testing new email sig” so i guess that’s when I started using it. I have two versions, one is simpler for replies. I would recommend it and often do. WiseStamp is a great service. I’m not sure anyone has ever clicked on an icon or a link, but it makes me feel a lot smarterTodd_Randolph_signature_2