Yuri Shmorgun

Hello WiseStamp Users! 

It’s time to meet the people behind your signature. 

WiseStamp Popcorn MachineFirst up, Yuri Shmorgun, skateboarder extraordinaire and head of the R&D team. 

1. Hi Yuri! Tell us a bit about what do you do at WiseStamp.

I’m the head of R&D, which means I run an awesome team of really talented developers who make me look good.

(In other words, if you’ve got an idea for a new feature or app, Yuri is your go-to guy.)

2. What is your favorite part about working at WiseStamp (besides all the popcorn, that is)?

The people. Especially the ones that take the time to make popcorn.

3. What’s your favorite WiseStamp feature? Why?

The Instagram app. It creates a pretty display of my mediocre shots 😀

Yuri's Signature

4. If you could create a signature for anyone in the world, real or fictional, from any time period, who would it be for? Why? 

Professor Severus Snape, played by the late Alan Rickman. Everyone can relate to a bit of dark-side and a lot of sarcasm.

Don’t worry Yuri, we’re up for the challenge:

Animated gif email signature for severus snape

5. What are you most likely up to when you’re not at WiseStamp?

Riding my longboard.

Yuri on his Longboard

6. Bonus question: On a scale of 1 (haven’t seen any of the movies) to 10 (your house is bursting with memorabilia), how devoted a Star Wars fan are you?

I’m an 8 – I’ve already started building a Storm Troopers Menorah for next Hanukkah (I’ve already got all the raw materials and have started the rough sketches): 


If you’ve got any questions for Yuri, leave him a comment and ask! 

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