What is the best way to get your creative team to come up with their best work? Well, our recipe is to lock them up in a basement for 3 weeks with nothing but Diet Coca Cola, Popcorn and a single rule: no toilet breaks until they create the most viral video ever! Oh… and it has to feature cats… Are you ready for the most Viral video ever? Here goes: “The most viral video ever!” Did we make you smile? – Give us a Like: “The most viral video ever! #2” Think you can you do better? Join the WiseStamp “most viral video ever!” challenge – Create your own WiseStamp viral video (cats or no cats) share and add a link in the comments section bellow (so we can see it). The maker of the best and most viral video will receive a free 1 yr subscription to our WiseStamp Pro and achieve eternal glory!
Well it ain’t going viral if you don’t share it…:

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