It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself” Ralph Waldo Emerson got it right… We are happy to let you know of our new and improved Help center! Working on our brand new help center facilitated our ability to provide you with a great support experience and has improved our service quite a bit. Have you ever wondered :

Or if you ever wondered: When will WiseStamp be available for IE, Outlook or iPhone? WiseStamp new Help Center Our new Help center has many new exciting features and improvements, that will help you learn how to work efficiently with your WiseStamp.  Among other things, we have gathered many frequently asked questions and organized them in categories, added updated screenshots and a whole bunch of tips & tricks as well as refreshed our help & troubleshooting sections. Now it is easy to search and find answers to those questions and many more- simply type your keyword in our help center search, check out our full list of FAQ’s or browse one of the relevant categories: » Getting started » Design tips » Functionality » Email Apps » Tips and Tricks » Known Issues » Troubleshooting » General We are constantly updating our help center and keeping it up to date with the many new platforms, features and Email Apps we are releasing,so if you have a burning question all you have to do is simply check out our new Help center and you will find your answer. Enjoy!