If you’re anything like me, you think that simple SEO is an oxymoron. You’ve bought SEO books only to be discouraged by a list of things you can’t implement because you don’t understand SEO jargon. SEO seems like something you need to spend a fortune on to apply and that’s something you’re not ready to do. The SEO tip that that will smash your numbers is something you’re already using But while SEO may seem complicated, difficult to understand, and not something you’ll ever be able to do yourself, there may be just one thing you can do that will make a huge difference. It’s called…(drumroll, please)…Google Suggest. Google_Suggest_ Don’t be so surprised. I told you that you were already using it. If your eyebrows are getting tangled, allow me to explain. You already know that Google Suggest is Google’s auto-complete function. You use it every single time you use Google’s search engine and it helps you save time because Google Suggest can usually read your thoughts. Actually no. Google can’t read your thoughts, but it knows what you’re looking for because countless of others are looking for that exact same thing. So now you’re asking, so what? What does Google Suggest have to do with SEO? When you write good content, the reason you’re writing it is because you want someone to benefit from it – learn something new, or gain a new perspective. You want it to be valuable. As a valuable piece of content, people all over world should also be able to find it. And the way they’ll do that is by entering their search into Google Suggest, just like you do every time you use Google. But by using Google Suggest before writing your post, you can tailor your content to create a valuable piece that matches the type of information users are looking for and want to know.   Using Google Suggest is like asking thousands of people what they want you write about So if you’re looking to write a post about say, platforms to help you find cheap airline tickets, go to Google Suggest and look at what most people who are looking for information about cheap airline tickets are looking for.   Cheap_airline_tickets_   Notice that when I enter cheap airline tickets, Google suggests, to Hawaii. And while I can choose to write a post about cheap airline tickets to Hawaii, I’ll prefer to ask Google if there are different keywords I should use.  cheap_flights_ Now notice that when I just enter the word “cheap”, Google suggests cheap flights. Great. So now I know that “cheap flights” is a more popular term than “cheap airline tickets”. And if I enter “cheap flights” I’ll find that people really want to know about “cheap flights to europe” so maybe I should write about that.     Cheap_flights_to_Europe_ But let’s say that I’m not writing for a local crowd. Or that I’m looking to attract readers from all over the world to read my blog post about cheap flights. Sometimes we don’t want Google to customize to our demands One of the reasons we all love using Google tools is because our experience is customized and tailored towards what we want and what we need. When it comes to Google Suggest, this means that words that are suggested for us, are influenced by local preferences and search items of the people around us.   But sometimes we don’t want our searches to be influenced by local demands. And because the people at Google are so incredibly brilliant, they’ve come up with a solution for that too.   Google Incognito I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear the word incognito I think of Holden Caulfield (the Catcher in the Rye’s protagonist) who didn’t like to say he was travelling incognito because it sounded corny. And though browsing incognito may sound corny or even pointless to you, here’s why it’s not. Browsing Incognito is how Google Chrome allows you to browse the web without storing local data. What this means is, that when you go Incognito you can actually view search results without location or search biases.     So now, in incognito (shortcut: ctrl+shift+n), when you enter cheap flights – at the top of the list is “cheap flights to Hawaii”   Cheap_flights_-_incognito_USE Having this information is incredibly useful. Because now, based on the information you collected using Google Suggest, you can now tailor your article about cheap airline ticket platforms, to people who are looking for cheap flights. And by using the most popular destinations as keywords (in addition to “cheap flights”), your article will now be more searchable, easier to find and will produce many more views. Have you used Google Suggest to get more views for your posts? Will you now?