Your great help got us to the top 5, but to stand a chance against our strong opponents we need your vote to be the stone in our sling! Only 3 more days for us to close the gap and your vote can make the difference! Vote WiseStamp (3 days = 3 more votes) and tell your friends to do the same! Step 1: Click – Vote for WiseStamp! Step 2: Log in via your Facebook or Twitter Step 3: Choose “Social Media Gadget” and “”

Submit your Vote!

Together we can triumph!


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One comment on “Only 3 days left to get enough votes… We need your help Vote WiseStamp Now!

  • Just discovered this great idea. Sorry I missed the deadline to submit my vote or I would have voted as many times as I could. I am wondering when this great discovery will work on my Live e-mail account?

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