Each of us send a kazillion emails every month, WiseStamp lets you give that extra touch and add a layer of dynamic content and personalization to your emails. One of the best email signatures ideas we received from users was to let you add quotes. We are proud to announce our partnership with QuotesDaddy, the largest online archive of famous quotes, that lets you do just that! Add the QuotesDaddy Email App, choose a category – Funny quotes, Love quotes, Inspirational quotes.. and simply start emailing. The QuotesDaddy Email App will display a random quote in your outgoing emails. Add quotes to your email signature! Quotes about life, Quotes about happiness Email Signature Get random quotes in your emails:

  1. Install WiseStamp email Apps
  2. Open the WiseStamp editor (click the WiseStamp icon and then “Open WiseStamp”)
  3. In the Apps tab, click the Random Quotes App and click the “Add” icon. Choose a topic in the popup (see screenshot below) and click “Ok”.

* You can add the QuotesDaddy Email App with other Email Apps, they will complete each other and enrich your email

QuotesDaddy Email App

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One comment on “Quotes About Life & Happiness add Spice to your Emails get QuotesDaddy Email App

  • Hi
    I Read an Article on Philosophy on life and happiness,It is a great read and very interesting approach to a mindset .It has very good outlooks,which I believe after reading the article I can see how the tools that are intertwined in this article can allow this to help.Have a read and give me your thoughts .
    At the end of the day even if you get one thing out of the article it is an advanced in moving forward and growing as a person.As they say, school is about lessons first then you get tested and life is about the test to learn the lesson.

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