This is a guest post by our partners at Vizibility! When someone Googles your name, what do they find? It’s an important question: More than 85% of recruiters say they Google job seekers. It’s now standard practice for potential business partners, media professionals – even prospective dates – to perform a Google search to get more information. Google is a great tool. However, your most relevant links can get lost in the search results, making you invisible. Vizibility, now available as a WiseStamp Email App, can change that, helping you quickly and easily organize, manage and share your search results. By including Vizibility’s patented SearchMe button in your email signature, you can ensure clients, prospects, colleagues, recruitersand anyone else can instantly see your verified Google results in a single click. Adding Vizibility to your emails is simple:

  1. Get your Vizibility Premier account*.
  2. Add the SearchME email App
  3. Add your SearchMe Link, which you can find on the Vizibility signup email or in your account management page. It looks like “”

* All WiseStamp users receive a free 45-day trial to Vizibility Premier! Add it to your WiseStamp signature and receive alerts whenever someone Googles you. Increase your visibility and start proactively managing your online identity today – because you only get one chance to make a killer first impression.   Vizibility Inc.  delivers the world’s first online identity management platform for individuals and professional services firms. The Vizibility platform is being integrated into websites and businesses where it enables their users to curate, organize and share individual online identities via SearchMeTM buttons, links and QR codes. U.S. Patents 7,831,609 and 7,987,173. Other patents pending. Find us in Google at

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