Heads up! The September 15th deadline for filing your quarterly taxes is fast approaching

If you file quarterly taxes, or unsure if you should, we’ve got good news for you:

This past June,  WiseStamp partnered with Inuit QuickBooks Self-Employed to help simplify the entire tax-filing process whether you’re doing your taxes yourself or have an accountant. Now you can easily calculate quarterly and year-round taxes with just one app.  Thanks to our partnership, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial and  can continue using QuickBooks Self-Employed at a special discount of 50% off for 12 months. That’s only $5.00/month to start! We’ve listed all the benefits of QuickBooks Self-Employed below.

Mileage Tracking

What it is: Maximize your mileage deductions. Automatic tracking ensures mileage is accurate, which means every mile you log increases your potential yearly mileage deductions.

1. Customers log an average of $7,393 in mileage deductions per year.
2 .Find on average 45% more deductions by logging miles.
3. Find on average $4,340 in potential tax savings per year

Expense Tracker

What it is: Connect your bank account, swipe to sort business from personal spending, and track expenses in one place so you never miss a deduction.
1. QuickBooks learns and categorizes over 70% of transactions for you
2. Free up on average 11 hours a month with QuickBooks.

Receipt Snap

What it is: Receipt Snap allows users to snap a photo of a receipt from their phone and link it to a transaction. This functionality and benefit is exposed to a user in during expense entry in both the QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self-Employed app.

Approved copy: Increase your tax savings when receipts are linked to expenses right from your phone. Come tax time, you’re ready to file without a shoebox in sight.
1. QuickBooks customers find an average of $18,967 in deductions per year.
2. Find on average $4,340 in tax savings per year.

Smart Invoicing

What is it: Get paid faster with invoicing that shows off your business. We’ll update you when invoices are viewed and paid.
1.Get paid 2x faster – for free.
2.Get paid on average 15 days faster.

Easy Reporting Export 

Download and summarize your deductions for quarterly/year end taxes, whether your doing taxes yourself or have an accountant.

Sounds good?

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