Some Crucial Components and Rules to Remember to Dominate Search Engine Results

From its early stages, Google search algorithm was designed and streamlined to provide the users with the most relevant and organic results. Searching amidst of huge amount of data from across the world, Google succeeded in cleverly cataloging and categorizing pages on the World Wide Web using its unique PageRank formula to become an unquestioned name in the industry.

Google’s search works seamlessly by consistently offering relevant search results each time. The search engine giant sent shockwaves across the internet by obliterating its competitors over time. The company slowly grew into a complete colossus corporation, and Google became synonymous with internet browsing. Businesses and marketers soon realized its potential and focused their efforts on SEO to take their websites to the top of the SERPs.


Changing scenario

Back in the day, SEO consisted of a lot of spammy methods and activities that aimed at tricking the search engine. With a lot of money and time at stake, marketers saw an easy way out with these questionable methods. Once they learned the rules, they explored ways to poke and prod Google’s approach by building massive linking strategies, creating content farms to spin low-quality articles, auto-generate links to outgun the listings and grab the top spots on the highly lucrative SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

spammy methods

Google introduced many adjustments and updates back to back to its innovative algorithms by naming them as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird to name a few recent ones. Google had to act frequently as the unscrupulous marketers started dominating in the search results by playing the entire system, and further, they faced the risk of losing relevancy and credibility. All these algorithm updates were intended to weed out the scammers and spoofs to fine tune the semantic search.

Crucial components to keep in mind

Before we get into the new age SEO goals, we need to have a closer look at the basics of the search engine. The truth is that many of the people, including digital marketers, look at search engine optimization from a wrong point of view. They are hunting for the smart ways to ensure the biggest returns by doing the least amount of work. However, in reality, it is quite the opposite.

The rule of thumb, while you approach SEO, is that Google never trusts you at the first point, and you have to acquire that faith through a series of (time-taking) efforts. The first milestone to meet is Google’s trust. Otherwise, you will be lost in the sea of endless low-ranking web pages.

Building trust

Let’s explore the various components in Google trust building.

#1: The indexed age

Google very much cares about the ‘indexed age’ of your website and the content. A new site will have a hard time getting ranked on its SERPs than another one having an indexed age, which is the date when Google first discovered that particular web page.


#2: Authority profile

Google looks for a good link profile which signifies trust and authority. As per Indianapolis SEO experts, authority implies real quality links which are coming from high-quality content from across the web. So, search engine cares about the relevancy of the sites which are linking to your website and also the quality of the content consisting those links.

#3: Underlying Content

Underlying content is vital as well. Many people simply skimp on content, but it is the primary anchor, which gives you the biggest mileage in SEO. Low-quality content with errors, duplication, or spinning may badly hurt you. Instead, you need to plan the content not just with a keyword-centric approach, but it should be highly engaging and enticing so that the readers feel compelled to spend on it. The information presented through the content should also be easy to consume and digest.

How to dominate in SEO in the year 2017

Many factors determine your ranking on Google search results. There are some specific rules that you should never ignore while working on your goal.

  • Rule 1 – Quality over quantity

The most important rules will always center across the need for quality. There is no point in doing something a number of times to be noticed. Rather, you need to take your time and do the right thing at the right time.

High quality Content

  • Rule 2 – Content is the king

Content will always remain the king when it comes to SERP rankings. As far as Google aims to provide the most trustable results to the users in the quickest possible time, relevant content plays vital.


  • Rule 3 – Size does matter

Thin content is short on value. A recent study was conducted on Google rankings by assessing the first result page, and evidently, the top spots were grabbed by those that competed with above 2000 words content.

By keeping the above components and rules in mind, you may be able to plan better SEO 2017 strategies, but also remember that SEO is a dynamic industry which keeps changing. It is not an overnight achievement to make, but you need to be stubborn and persistent to taste success.

Author Bio: R.K. Adams is a well-known software engineer, who is specializing in web technologies. He also posts many expert articles on Indianapolis SEO at blogs and leading websites.

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