So you got yourself a startup. Now you really, but really, want to win the Mashable2009 Open Web Awards for your category. You need to find creative ways to promote your app and service and to motivate your users to vote for and nominate you… So here is a step by step basic promotion ✔check list, that will help you dominate this competition and become a winner!! So lets see…what are your promotional channel options? ✔  Your Emails ✔  Your Twitter / Facebook / Social networks… ✔  Your Blog / Site And this is what you should do:Email: Promote your nomination in every email you send to your friends and users! Follow those simple steps:

  1. Install WiseStamp email signature (Firefox addon).
  2. Design your open web nomination email signature:
  • Add the badge to your emails (click on the WiseStamp html button and simply add your promotional badge):
See those sample signatures: 1.
Twitter / Facebook:
Twitter sample:
✔  Your Blog / Site
  • Write a blog post encouraging your users to nominate and vote for you- Check out our last post as an example: Help us win the “Social Media Gadget” of Open Web Awards ☛ Vote WiseStamp Now!
  • Add the nomination badge to your site/blog sidebar
  • Promote your post on the social web – check out this reaction we received from Mashable’s COO Adam Hirch:

How to create your Promotional link/badge?
Simply go to the Promotion page and create your promotional link and badge see sample:

Did we miss any good tips? Share with us your creative promotional methods to rule the Open Web Awards 2009….