The Big Game is now over but there are still the juicy tidbits to chew over and rehash.

Here are the top 10 moments from the Super Bowl that everyone is still talking about:

    1. Betty White doing the dab

      Even at 94 years old Betty White’s still got the moves. The Broncos may have won the Super Bowl but Betty White won the Internet with her elegant dab


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      And Twitter cheered!


    2.   Marshawn Lynch’s retirement

      If you were checking Twitter during the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl you may have been one of the first people to learn about Marshan Lynch’s retirement from the Seahawks.

      It was announced with a simple (and rather cryptic) tweet.

      And the internet went wild.


    4. Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem

      Before the game officially kicked off, Super Bowl viewers were treated to a spellbinding rendition of the national anthem by Lady Gaga .

    5. Those who only knew of the singer from stories about her dramatic fashion sense took to Twitter to express their shock at the phenomenal performance.



      But even a successful performance didn’t grant Lady Gaga immunity from a bit of teasing, as some viewers noticed a resemblance between the singer and a particularly colorful character from the Hunger Games movie.


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    1. Beyoncé at halftime

      If you aren’t a football fan there is still a good chance that you tuned into the Super Bowl in order to catch Beyoncé. And you probably weren’t disappointed.

      Everyone is still talking about the song, the choreography and the pregame surprise, a new single introduced a day before the game.

      Though not everyone was thrilled with the political side of Beyoncé new song, a tribute to the Black Panthers, with some anti-police messages that had some people calling for a boycott of the performance.

      Beyonce on a police car





    2. Red Lobster and their disappointing tweet

      Speaking of Beyonce. . . 

      Uh, Red Lobster? You get a shout out from a superstar and it takes you 8 hours to come up with this?

      Let’s just say people are a bit. . . surprised: 



    1. #puppymonkeybaby. ‘Nough said.

      Weird and a little scary but certainly memorable.



      The Internet’s not quite sure what to make out of this one.


      And the meme’s are rolling out.

      puppymonkeybaby meme
      (image via

      But there is just something about this commercial that makes it hard to look away, and before you know it you’re doing the Rumba down the hall chanting “puppymoneybaby,” with a Mountain Dew in hand.

      Well played Mountain Dew. Well played.


    1. A commercial with a powerful message

      An intense, important message about domestic violence


    1. Death Wish Coffee

      Ok, maybe not everyone’s talking about this one but we love the story of the small coffee shop that made it to the Super Bowl by winning Intuit QuickBooks’ Small Business Big Game competition.

      The swashbuckling commercial is pretty cool too.


    1. A super bowl

      And for some people, this is what it’s all about… 


  1. And, oh yeah, the Broncos won the Super Bowl 

What were your favorite Super Bowl moments?