podcasts for small business owners

“Podcasts make learning simple – just download the file, plug in your earphones, and go about your regularly scheduled life. Get a work out, cook dinner, walk the dog – and learn about something worthwhile at the same time.” – Murray Newlands

In an era when we can learn from some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our day, it would seem crazy to avoid such a potent resource. Some have gone so far as to say that they’ve learned more from podcasts than in college.

The bottom line: If you’re not already – start listening to podcasts.

So whether you’re just getting started or adding them to your list, make sure you’re listening to these 11 best podcasts for small business owners.  

Just one cautionary note: if you listen to these podcasts while driving, you may feel compelled to pull over and take notes. I did!

1) The 1 Simple Thing with Dave Kirby is one of my favorite podcasts because it’s short, sweet and totally nails it. Kirby makes the most of his time (and yours) by chatting with experts and focusing on one thing (each podcast) that will make a difference to who you are and help you build a better business and a better you.

2) Social Media Marketing Podcastmaintains the high standards established by Social Media Examiner. When a pro like Michael Stelzner meets other social media marketing pros, what you get is master perspectives in a down-to-earth conversation about social media. You also get actionable tips to improve your social media marketing and help grow your small business.  

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3) Office Hours this podcast is so incredibly good that you’ll complain that it’s only monthly. Daniel Pink, bestselling author of Drive, holds monthly interviews with entrepreneurs/authors. Their stories are so illuminating and compelling, you’ll want more. Now. But you’ll just have to wait.  Another month.  

4) Mixergyis a podcast you want to listen to for the seeds it plants in your mind. In over 1,000 interviews, Andrew Warner interviews successful business founders and thought leaders about what it took to get to the top. Through these mesmerizing biographical interviews you’ll learn about the ideas and thought processes that have brought about incredible success.

5) The Smart Passive Income Podcast – hosted by Pat Flynn, this podcast is about building a business that will generate passive income. Pat interviews inspiring individuals that like him, have done something amazing. You’ll get practical and inspiring no-nonsense tips and advice that will help you build your business, monetize it online and build your fanbase.  

6) Beyond the To-Do List this is a great podcast to listen to for tips, tricks and tools about creativity, productivity, product management and pretty much all the big-picture items you as a business owner constantly needs to think about. You’ll get solid insight that will help you run your business more effectively and efficiently.

7) Standford’s Entrepreneurship Corner – in this weekly series on entrepreneurship you’ll hear inspiring stories about the creative spark. It’s where the paths of leadership, motivation, and perseverance meet to bring you the fascinating entrepreneurial journeys of entrepreneurs who have led struggling startups to startup stardom.

8) Eventual Millionaire – hosted by Jaime Tardy, this podcast empowers small-business owners to dream big. Through interviews with real millionaires who have built their own businesses,you’ll learn that you don’t necessarily need a large team to be effective. The secret is small and powerful, lean and mean. And here is where you’ll learn how to practically build a business that can make you a millionaire.  

9) The Growth Show every week you’ll hear Hubspot’s CMO, Kipp Bodner,  interviewing a growing company, movement idea and/or team. Remarkable growth is broken down into bite-sized pieces of interesting stories and advice that every small business owner can benefit from.  

10) The Smart Business Revolution Podcast – former Clinton White House Writer, John Corcoran, will teach you how to grow your business without working 24/7. This is a great resource for learning about developing relationships, creating endearment in customer relationships and then leveraging them to grow your business.   

11) Product Hunt Radio if you’re a serious business owner you should be keeping up with the best new products via Product Hunt. And if you’re a real tech-product geek, you’re in luck, because this podcast was created especially for you. It’s here that you’ll meet the makers, investors and significant contributors who think up the products that are making our lives more fun and productive.


What are your favorite podcasts and why? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.