Whether you’re the owner of a small business or whether you’re a social media marketer, Instagram will soon have you kissing its virtual pictorial feet. If you haven’t already heard, the photo-sharing platform giant has finally come around to giving its users something they’ve been begging for for a long time: switching accounts without signing out.

The problem

 As a Small business owner or social media marketer, you may have had to manage more than one Instagram account; you either juggled your own account and your corporate account, or you juggled multiple corporate accounts for various clients.

Instagram made it cumbersome, time-consuming and un-fun.

So each time you wanted to switch between accounts you had to sign out of the account you were using and sign in with the account you wanted to update. Painful, to say the least.

Instagram finally listened

Instagram finally announced that it will be possible to switch accounts by simply tapping on your username – no more having to sign in, no more having to sign out. What a relief.

So now you can have up to 5 Instagram accounts which you can quickly, efficiently and painlessly switch between. This new version will be gradually rolled out for both iOS and Android and be available through the App Store and Google Play

Instagram No Holds Barred

If you’re a small business owner, not being able to switch easily between Instagram accounts may have held you back from making the most of Instagram. If that’s the case, there are no more excuses. With Instagram’s new feature, you can now manage your corporate account and even create additional accounts for different products that you sell or to test out different branding messages . 

Social media managers are excited about the ability to now easily manage the Instagram accounts for multiple clients without the hassle of signing in and out each time they want to share a photo.

And everyone can now enjoy posting to their personal Instagram accounts again!

WiseStamp signature example


Get more people to follow you on Instagram

Now that you are saving all of this extra time from not logging in and out of your accounts all day, it’s time to focus on your Instagram marketing strategy.

Did you know that you can promote your Instagram account through your email signature?

If you’re using WiseStamp’s free email signature tool, you can choose from three of the Instagram signature add-ons, or you can even decide to include them all. 

Here’s how to add Instagram to your email signature

  1. Go to the top right hand corner of your Gmail screen and click on the WiseStamp logo.

WiseStamo edit signature


2. When the editor box pops up click on Edit Signature and you will be taken to the signature editing page.

3. Scroll down to the app section on the left hand side of the page and choose to view all the Social apps.

From there you can choose to add an Instagram badge that invites people to follow you on Instagram or the Instagram Photo app that will showcase your latest Instagram photos.




WiseStamp email signature with Instagram app 

Or include both.


Also be sure to include the Instagram social sharing button by clicking on the Add another profile link, in the Social Icons Design box, selecting the Instagram icon and inputting your Instagram profile link.



So now every email that you send will give your recipients the opportunity to view your latest Instagram photos and to follow your account. 

The WiseStamp Pro Treat

The ability to add Instagram to your email signature is available with every free WiseStamp account, but with a WiseStamp Pro account you can create multiple email signatures, and link each one to a different Instagram account.

This can be very helpful to anyone managing social media accounts for multiple brands. 

Your email signature can be a powerful tool for growing your Instagram followers and creating greater awareness of your brand. By adding Instagram links and buttons to your email signature you turn every email that you send into a marketing opportunity.

What strategies are you using to promote your Instagram accounts?