Did you know that about a third of businesses that are opened each year start with less than $5,000?

When you count in expenses that happen before you can generate any revenue like legal work, logo design, rent, and payroll, there isn’t much (or any) money left to build your website. And we can all agree that opening a business without having your own webspace just isn’t a viable option these days, even more so if you need it to sell your product.

Luckily, creating a simple and functional website has never been easier. The reason for that is website builders. They have been popping up like crazy in the past few years and it seems like everyone is now offering their own software for building websites. This increased level of competition on the market actually raised the quality of these software products in general, while the prices haven’t significantly changed.

Despite that, many business owners are still hesitant to use them to build their business sites. Their skepticism isn’t unfounded. In the early days, many website builders were missing important SEO capabilities. While the most popular website builder providers now enable you to do proper on-page optimizations, many freelancers and website designers still believe WordPress and self-coded websites perform better in search results. 

Even we, a team that reviews website builders for a living, were hesitant to claim otherwise.  That was starting to be a problem as more and more of our readers were asking for our opinion on this topic. 

We didn’t want to base our advice on just an educated guess, so we decided to test it for ourselves. 

We set up a 6-month long SEO experiment designed to answer 2 questions:

The results? 

  1. Will all website builders sites get indexed in a reasonable timeframe?
  2. Will self-coded and WordPress sites rank higher on average?

Take a look at the infographic below. It summaries our testing setup and shows you our findings. HINT: Website builders can hold their own.

If you’re interested in the fine details, here is the full report on this SEO experiment

SEO website builder experiment