If you are anything like me, and you spend most of your time researching your chrome browser. This requires hours of opening multiple browsers, switching back and forth between tabs, getting frustrated that you by mistake by right-clicked a very important article. You get my point!

Though you can’t avoid the multiple tabs that are open on your chrome browser. We can find a way to organize your chrome browser. So, You can avoid the frustration of clicking out of an important page and messy transactions. In this article, I will share with you new chrome updates that will definitely make your life easier.

Here are more ways to explore chrome and the supported extension it has to offer. Maximize search time by having top tools.

chrome on computer

1. Group your tabs by category

It has come to my attention that some chrome users create a formal to-do list on their browsers. Apparently, it’s a great way to keep your browsers organized. However, now you can take a step further by:

Organize your chrome tabs:

Instead of having multiple tabs open you can now divide your search by category that you can also color code by choice. By Grouping tabs by topic, urgency, progress. You can create a list of your general day search and divide them into themes.

new chrome tabs

For example work, school, fun, and research. Or you can group your tabs by urgency, progress such as coming up, in progress, and done.

Drag and drop the tabs in the category name and there you go!
Every time you want to go back to the tab you click on the category name.. Learn how it’s done

2. Preview your tabs to get to it faster

When you are suffering the web on your chrome browsers are you always clicking through multiple tabs just to find that one? That one tab that seems to disappear the moment you need it?

Well, thanks to the new chrome update it can change. Now, you can preview each of your tabs like a magnifying glass. By hoving over the tab to quickly see the thumbnail of the page. Because let’s face it, How many times have you clicked out of a page by mistake? Probably countless times. This can be very helpful to users who have numerous amounts of tabs open at once.

preveiw tab

3. Search or Switch to a tab that has already been opened

Sorry Apple users, this one is not for you. Anyone who is an android user this next update can be very helpful to you. When you are searching for a certain topic in the search bar, the Chrome browser automatically shows suggestions, right?

Well now all the tabs you open, will be automatically saved. When you come back to search the same topic the chrome browser will suggest switching to the same tab that you previously opened. In addition, if the tab is already opened, chrome will suggest you switch to the tab that is currently opened.

This is based on memory. No more searching for important tabs in your history, which saves a lot of time

google search bar

4. Save your info to your chrome PDF editor

This update is nice to have and is outside the “tabs” category. Let’s say you have a PDF form to fill out. The best scenario is to fill out the form as fast as possible so that you can get back to work.

Now with the chrome browser update users will be able to fill out the PDF form and save it. All information will be saved directly from chrome. In addition, users can click out of the PDF file numerous times and still go back to where they left off.

5. Latest touch to the tablet mode on your laptop.

Are you a Chromebook user? Don’t you ever use a tablet mode for your laptop? Soon enough you will have a much easier time moving between tabs, searching the web, and finding what you are looking for.

A brand new re-design of the interface has been created for the tablet mode. Allowing users to have more space to organize tabs, and the option to hide other pages when they are not needed.

6. Make URL sharing effortless ** Androids only

To all the Android users of the world, remember how annoying it is to send a link to yourself or another person? Copying and pasting the same link just to forward it to yourself, this can get frustrating!!

With the new link sharing update, chrome users can now, share a URL within a few seconds. By creating a QR code that you can either scan or download to receive the link. This can be used for sharing URLs with others or simply with yourself. This method also works for certain applications, Chrome did not mention the names but it will be updated as we receive further information.

phone QR code

Final thoughts and special remarks

Well, that’s it. Here are the lastest chrome updates that have completely saved my sanity as a professional. Hopefully, this can help you organize your chrome browser more efficiently. So, you can get work done faster and overall Enjoy the simplicity of the updated chrome extension. Stay tuned for more of the latest updates.